2001 1.2 petrol : Emissions warning light - GenevaJohn
This warning light (yellow) has come on . The car has 112000 kilometres, spark plugs are two years old (35000 kms), oil/filter changed 10000 kms ago. I'll get it to FIAT next week. Any ideas what it is ??

Thanks a lot

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2001 punto 1.2 petrol : Emissions warning light - GenevaJohn
I'll add that there is a very slight hesitancy when cold, but none of the symptoms (lumpy idling, jerky power delivery in lower gears) it had when the head gasket went two years ago.
2001 punto 1.2 petrol : Emissions warning light - drivewell
My wife has one of these. Since it seems to be running OK (apart from slight hesitancy when cold), it's unlikely to be a coil pack or module fault.

I'd be thinking along the lines of a failed sensor. Diagnostics should show this.
2001 punto 1.2 petrol : Emissions warning light - Another John H
My money is on the engine managements coolant temperature sensor.

Largely because of it being replaced under warranty on my 55 plate 1.2 Punto as the fix for a warning light.

AFAIK the CTS and ATS should be a similar resistance when the engine is cold, if they are different, the management gets upset.

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2001 punto 1.2 petrol : Emissions warning light - GenevaJohn
Update :

Thanks for the replies :

Motor started stallling/cutting out.

Went to FIAT. First visit I described the problem asked them to fix it and do a service. Naive of me I know.
They 'found' 560 euros of work to do and said all was now fine, but the receptionist couldn't tell me what the specific problem was, but re-assured me all was fine and it was running smoothly. And so it was. I'd seen the mechanic driving it round to verify all was well etc...

Next day, cut-out again. Went to FIAT, and this time they found the problem : Replaced two coil packs at a 'special' price of 250 Euros.

OK, it did need a service, but I didn't go there for the 560 euros of work, it was to fix the stalling problem which they couldn't identify. They claimed that unless the warning lights stay on they can't verify what a problem is. Cost 810 euros in total. Car is only worth 2200 Euros.

Bunch of incompetents (French FIAT, I'm sure they're great in the UK....)

FIAT 500...........I think not.......
2001 punto 1.2 petrol : Emissions warning light - oilrag
"Went to FIAT"

Went to a franchised dealer? Your problems seem to be with a dealer, not the manufacturer.

2001 punto 1.2 petrol : Emissions warning light - TurboD
'Dealers' sound the same the world over, make up any rubbish to charge you a packet and leave you find the fault eventually, which you then pay for again, of course.
Fiat/Ford/anyone else?

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