2003 TDCi - Exhaust failure pipe into back box - timbo
Mondeo tdci 6 estate. May 2003. 42000 miles

I'm somewhat suprised to have found the rear section of my exhaust has failed. Yes I know the car is over 4 years old but I have a 14 year Merc SL with the original exhaust. I don't know of anybody who has replaced an exhaust on on a car less than 6 years old.
Is this a common problem?
Going to see the Ford dealership tomorrow for them to inspect...their parts department has confirmed they have never sold an exhaust for such a young car.
Any comments?

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2003 TDCi - Exhaust failure pipe into back box - Carse

You cannot compare a Merc SL with a mass produced family car. The exhaust on your Merc will be stainless steel whereas the exhaust on the Mondeo is Mild Steel. Hence the difference in price between the two cars

4 years is not great but also not unexpected either.


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2003 TDCi - Exhaust failure pipe into back box - Linfoot
The exhaust on my old toyota was 12 years old when I sold the car. It was not stainless either. The battery was also the original one.
2003 TDCi - Exhaust failure pipe into back box - timbo
Fair point Carse but look at what Linfoot says.
I have never replaced an exhaust on a car so young.
I went to the dealership this morning and even the mechanics were suprised at the the location of the failure, the weld is the problem not the corosion of the tube or box.
The mechanic agreed that the exhaust is in good condition and "it was a shame"
If the car was seven years old or so I would accept. The price of a new back and middle box fitted is £336.
Anyway, will be speaking to Ford Customer Care to see if I can generate any goodwill. Will let you know.
Does anyone know of labour rate reductions for cars over 4 years old in terms of the main dealer servicing rates.
I remember this was an incentive when I had a BMW.???
2003 TDCi - Exhaust failure pipe into back box - madf
The weakness of modern aluminium plated mild steel exhausts (boxes are often pressed from stainless) is the destruction of the of the plating coat during welding.

If you want a mass produced one to last, it's worth coating welds with heatproof aluminium paint every 2-3 years. Slows down the corrosion.

Our Peugeot 106 backbox is 14 years old.. pity the rest of the system has had to be replaced.

Aluminium coated pipes are the sme: a line of corrosion along the weld where the pipe has been joined- ie along the pipe length.

(I speak with experience of the aftermarket industry)

Good luck with Ford. If you don't ask, you don't get.
2003 TDCi - Exhaust failure pipe into back box - RichardW
If it's just the weld that has sheared, and the rest of the exhaust is in good condition, any back street garage should be able to weld it back on - for a lot less than £336!!!

I did just that on a friend's Saxo - the flange on the front section to the cat sheared off. Cleaned it up and MIGged it back on, was still OK after a year when he got rid of it.

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2003 TDCi - Exhaust failure pipe into back box - yorkiebar
So many factors involved here.

Mileage and use during the 4 years? Low mileage is probably worse for an exhaust than high mileage.

If its a weld that has broken that is a manufacturing fault, not a wear and tear fault. But how long is an exhaust guranteed from Ford?

Is something allowing the exhaust to move and consequently fracture? Could be mounting faults or even alignment of supporting brackets attached to car.

Difficult to call where any fault or blame (if any) lies. Could just be its had its time too!

Good luck with Ford though, got to be worth a try. But I have experienced many exhausts on new cars failing around 3/4 years old so it isnot unheard of.
2003 TDCi - Exhaust failure pipe into back box - timbo
Madf, Richardw and Yorkiebar many thanks for you words.

Have stated my case with Ford Customer Care so I will just have to wait and see. Like you say, its going to be alot cheaper to mig weld the pipe back on. I may well do this if I don't get anywhere.

Will let you know guys...like you say if you don't ask !!!


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