2002 1.4 diesel - needs priming before starting. - hughesy59
Hi, just wondering if anyone has had this problem with their car, we have a citreon c3 1.4diesel exclusive, on a 52 reg.
The problem is the car wont start unless you prime some kind of pump by the side of the engine, once this is carried out for a few mins the car will start and run all day. If the car is left sometimes it can be a day or two the same problem happens again..
Any answers would be appreciated.

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Fuel problem - Screwloose

Neither the Delphi or Siemens systems on those use an electric priming pump, so there's obviously a tiny inwards leak somewhere that allowing the diesel to drain back to the tank over night and leaving the system full of air.

It can only be on the low-pressure side; so check the seals, filter and fuel-line couplings very thoroughly.
Fuel problem - hughesy59
ok thanks


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