2002 Avant 1.9 TDi - Oil sensor warning light - tryitandsee
Can anyone please help.

The warning light 'engine oil sensor faulty' has activated on the dash.

On checking manual, it says; take car to Audi dealer and have the oil level sensor checked.

Can anyone tell me where the sensor is and if it is something I can do myself.

I suspect it is a false reading as the speedo is now playing up, juddering speed reading. Also mileage trip switch not reseting back to zero, and check diagnostic not working. All happened at once.

The amount of rain that fell last night must have either got in or condensation has formed somewhere. Again, grateful if any one can point me in the right direction to say what I might be able to do, to dry/rectify.


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Oil sensor warning light - Screwloose
Engine? Year?

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Oil sensor warning light - Dynamic Dave
A forum search reveals "Audi A4 avant tdi 130 2002" Best if the OP confirms this though.

2002 Avant TDi 130 - Oil sensor warning light - Screwloose

The combination oil sensor is the flat unit bolted into the base of the sump.

This sounds more like dashpod failure; but check the bonnet catch switch wiring isn't damaged.

The dash is scannable for fault-codes with the right equipment.
2002 Avant TDi 130 - Oil sensor warning light - tryitandsee
Thanks for speedy replies.

Engine year January 2002.
Engine code AWX
1.9 TDI

Still the same today, noticed ingress of water from the sunroof making head lining wet around the interior overhead light.
2002 Avant TDi 130 - Oil sensor warning light - 659FBE
Clear the sunroof drain tubes asap - they usually get blocked nipples at the lower ends. Then find out what the water has done to your electrical system. If the dashboard is playing up there could be a power feed or earthing problem there - the dashboard can be scanned. The Hella oil level sensor is positioned as described but you have to drain the sump to change it (German original thinking at its best) but these are generally reliable. If you change it, fit a new 'O' ring.

2002 Avant TDi 130 - Oil sensor warning light - tryitandsee
659 Many thanks for the tip re cleaning drainage channels in sunroof. Would not have found them if you had not said they existed. Threaded a long piece of wire down and flushed with water to check clear passage. Neat design, water exits on both front door hindge pillars. All now ok.

The dash warning light still showing same fault, but I am now able to work the trip reset and make the diagnostic check work by using a combination of goes on the three swiches, ie push check, followed by reset.....and it carries out the diagnostic run through.

I'm laid up with hand in plaster at the moment and reckon because I'm not using the car, damp/condensation is causing havoc. I will wait to see if when used again, heat will rectify problem.

Screwloose, you say the combination oil sensor is bolted into base of sump........does that mean inside sump cover, not externally.

Screwloose, no damaged to bonnet catch switch wiring. I will ask Audi to scan for fault.
Thanks again.
2002 Avant TDi 130 - Oil sensor warning light - Screwloose

No, it's bolted on from the outside. It's because it's in the base of the sump that all the oil falls out - unless you're quick.....

Stick a domestic dehumidifier in the car. Works a treat.