(00-02) front left hand rattle. - hugomont
rattle in front end, not suspension arm bushes as new bushes fitted, anti roll bar links have been fitted also. rattles on smooth road, seems to be coming from area just below passengers feet. I believe it to be coming from the gearbox mountings but I have removed them for inspection but can't see anything obviously wrong. Has anyone any other suggestions.

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front left hand rattle. - bikerider
Have you checked roll bar bushes for wear?
front left hand rattle. - hugomont
Finally got to the bottom of this problem. Checked out all suggestions, many thanks to all.
Having replaced the brake pads the rattle disappeared but what I did notice was that when removing the old pads on the l/h/s there was a clip missing from the pad which was in the piston side of the caliper. I fitted the new pads and low and behold no rattle.
That was quite a surprise, I wouldn't have believed that this little missing clip could have been responsible for this anoying rattle.

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