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Reversing sensor problem - Monsieur Kev
All of the sudden the beep-beeping has stopped amd I just get a continuous tone which is different very annoying and distracting.

Anyone know what has happened? I have cleaned the sensors form recent muck, but still the same.
Reversing sensor problem - mcyoon
Could be a problem with the reverse gear switch, mounted on top of the transmission casing, under the airbox.

It's mentoned in the Haynes manual, and I'm sure it activates the reverse park system.

Hope it helps.
Reversing sensor problem - elekie&a/c doctor
A continuous tone usually indicates a fault with one or more sensors.Carry out a basic test by turning ignition on (engine NOT running)engage reverse gear and put your ear right up to each sensor in turn.A functioning sensor will emit a faint "clicking".One inoperative sensor will stop the complete system working.hth
Reversing sensor problem - Monsieur Kev
Thank you very much for your replies.

My car went in for its 3rd service (three year major although 14 months old) last week and I asked the Ford Main Dealer in Eastbourne to investigate the problem. They couldn't determine the fault!!!! So it will have to wait until I go back to France.

Thanks for the tips though.
Reversing sensor problem - Monsieur Kev
Well the French engineers were scratching their heads today here in France. Car now booked in for all day next Monday. Zut alors!

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Reversing sensor problem - Monsieur Kev

No naming / shaming, or swearing.

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Reversing sensor problem - timbo
I have exactly the same problem but is out of warranty...would be very interested to find out what the problem is. Will try listening to each sensor.

Many thanks

Reversing sensor problem - rtj70
Is it not possible to disable the sensors in the meantime? Not a fix but stops the annoying sound.
Reversing sensor problem - timbo
Have listened to each sensor when the ingnition is switched on and in reverse but engine not running. Each sensor clicks...what does this mean???
Reversing sensor problem - Monsieur Kev
Yes I have had the reversing sensors disabled as the noise is a distraction.

The garage in France have had three goes at fixing the problem. They ordered a new part, a box thing, but no good.

Now back in the UK and the car is booked in with Birchwood tomorrow (Thursday 21st Feb). See if they can fix it. They also had a go when the car was serviced last month, but unable to effect a cure. This time the sensors are the only job.
Reversing sensor problem - timbo
Monsieur Kev

How did you get on with Birchwood in relation to your parking sensors.
I've got mine booked in with an Auto Electrician (N.D.Haighs of Huddersfield) on Saturday 1st March. Would appreciate being able to give them some info.

Many thanks

Reversing sensor problem - timbo
ND Haigh's have sorted the problem out through look more than judgement. By removing all the sensors and checking the wiring the system, the excercise appears to have re-booted the system and all works again. No more annoying constant noise everytime you select reverse.
Whether it is a permenent fix or not I do not know.
Its worth a try though to remove all the senors unplug them turn on the ignition select reverse and then re plug everything back up. Sensors are not difficult to remove.
Good luck in your repair Monsieur Kev.


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