2002 1.4s Engine management warning lights - colabora
Two dash lights have been coming on and going off for a few months now so I took the car for a diagnostic check and was told that precat lamba sensor needing changing.
These lights on the dash are the EPC and engine symbol with the EPC staying on for a couple of starts with the engine symbol now on all the time.
So last Monday I had the precat lamba sensor changed and then the emissions checked which were absolutely fine.
However yesterday the engine symbol is back on again !
Has anyone had such a problem and could give some help before I consider another diagnostic check.

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2002 1.4s Engine management warning lights - JohnM{P}
If the car seems to be running fine, you need to know what the computer diagnostics think is the matter. Is there an independant VW specialist near you? If the code indicates the lamda sensor again although it's been replaced, then it's time for checking for chafed wires etc.; if it shows another fault then investigate that...

In the case of my daughter's car, soon after the lights appeared something obviously wrong developed, but the diagnostics didn't help. The sorry saga was related here:

I do hope it's something simpler, and more common, in your case!

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2002 1.4s Engine management warning lights - colabora
Hi Johnm(P),
Many thanks for your reply. I have driven the car several times now,on purpose, and it is still running fine. If anything it seems to be more responsive to the throttle than before.My wife has even commented that "it picks up quicker from low revs". Since posting the question the EPC light has not come back on once but the exhaust warning light (engine symbol) is still illuminated .I intend to revisit my local garage who did the original diagnostics next week ,so I will post the outcome.
Kind Regards

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