1.5D fuel filter housing leak - numpty
My 1.5D saxo has diesel leaking out of the side of the fuel filter housing.It looks like some sort of plug on the rear nearest the bulkhead.It leaks as soon as the filter is primed.Anyone know what this plug is for and how do you get the filter housing/thermostat housing off?

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1.5D fuel filter housing leak - bignick2
Housing is held on by the three bolts where the top hose elbow connects to the housing.

There dont appear to be any plugs on the rear of the housing, or at least not ones that you can get from Citroen so it may need a "specialist repair" with some mastic or similar.
1.5D fuel filter housing leak - numpty
Thanks bignick2.I tried the mastic thing but it didn't work so I've bypassed the fuel filter and fitted an in-line filter until I can get time to look at it properly.
1.5D fuel filter housing leak - leightonjamesblake
hello mate did you ever sus this problem i have exactly the same problem on berlingo van think i just gonna change the housing but if ya found another way then just let me know chears

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1.5D fuel filter housing leak - ancnthippie
'Plug' is temperature sensor , diverts cold fuel to warm thermostat housing. A good light and suitable tool ..say a small steel spike needed to ease out circular spring steel spider clip and small pliers to gently ,but firmly grasp nylon snout of 'capsule' and ease out. Outer 'O' ring on mine split [leaked air and fuel ] .Before refitting I smoothed rough radius of housing , cleaned and a dab of oil to ensure no damage to new 'O' ring...good luck !
1.5D fuel filter housing leak - Vmaxcharlie

Hi just be careful when pushing the plug back into the housing with the new seal,I had the outer edge of the grove that the seal sits in, break off!and I put plenty of oil around it.

I had to Mastic this in.The plug I am told by Citreon is not listed and a new housing is £200+VAT

1.5D fuel filter housing leak - rodbick

I have had this and sucessfully repaired.

I used o rings BS016 vit75 (outer) and BS204 VIT75 (inner).

These supplied by M Barnwell services Ltd Birmingham B67 5AS.

Not only was the leakage stopped but a long term poor starting problem fixed, presumably due to aire in the fule.

The star washer is extreemly tight, I managed to lift one lug by screwing a small self tap under one lug, freeing it and then prizing it out.

damage to the bore is likly getting it out. this must be smoothed before a new ring is fitted.

I ground down the inner ring of the star to half width, to make it easire if i needed to get it out again. it still required a fair shove to get it back in.

the whole repair carried out with only battery and air cleaned pipe removed.


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