roomsters & mods - adverse camber
I first saw a roomster in a french hyper market and thought what an odd looking car.

However I understand that it has overcome bmw in a comparison test. I cant find that thread so I thought that if I started a new one now I could come back tomorrow am and read all about it.


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roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
roomsters & mods - adverse camber

come on then....?
roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
I'll post here in an hour or so.
roomsters & mods - Westpig
similar suspense to 'who shot JR'?.......can't wait to hear why the Beemer was binned so quickly.... have to say the Roomster has surprised me.. now if you'd said a mint XJ12C then i'd have understood
roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
I have a wedge of cash now which I may be use on a retro piece of motoring.

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roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
Sorry, I was on the phone !


You may recall that I have asked some questions here about Roomsters (and 4x4 versions) a couple of weeks ago, the plan was that in 18 months time when I retire from full time work that this beast would replace two vehicles, the BMW and the Defender and that Mrs PU would own and use hers as our main means of posh transport as she will still be working and can take advantage of various allowances. I would lose this advantage.

For a couple of reasons which I don't want to go into here, I've flogged the Beemer today to the Dealership I bought it from, pocketed a wedge of cash and bought a Roomster, the intention to run this alongside the Defender and if I like the vehicle sufficiently to replace it in a couple of years with a 4WD version that is apparently up and coming and get rid of the Landie which will be around 13 years old then.

Basically I can;t justify running a barge anymore (to myself rather than to the accountants !) which is used mainly to travel to and from work (12 miles) and social stuff. My post retirement career aspirations revolve around a utility vehicle of sorts. So I've gone and done it. (that's reason # 3 !)

On Saturday I pick up a nice shiny Roomster, well loaded and I hope to enjoy it.

OK its ugly but nowhere near as ugly as a Bangle machine !!!

I'm sort of half looking for a classic (don;t tell her) and was lurking in the Firenza Droopsnoot website last week...........

I may be let out of junctions now - where's me flat cap ?

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roomsters & mods - Happy Blue!
I say well done! A car with some spirit and individualism, rather than one for all those people who stood at Brian's feet shouting '... yes we are all individuals!....'

I am equally proud of your missus, who has taken a far more sensible line than mine, who will not let me near a Skoda dealership. Pity - I'd quite like a Octavia Combi 4x4 with 170bhp Tdi and DSG.
roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
ill not let me near a Skoda dealership

That as they say is another story.
roomsters & mods - tyro
Congratulations, Pugugly.

I trust that from now on you will encounter increased levels of affection, respect, and politeness in your motoring. I also hope that you enjoy the Roomster, and look forward to reading of your impressions.

I think the Roomster is a truly interesting car - and much, much more aesthetically pleasing than the 5 series :-)

roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
Its not ugly its quirky. I had a superb drive in the 5 last night, it had a right spanking....its a very good car, miss it ? probably. Using the Landie for work tomorrow. Savings so far - VED, Insurance (less than I expected) price of first service er.....140 + VAT - what do you get for that in a BMW garage ? - I have never had any adverse looks from other drivers in the BM, which most of the time I consider to have driven reasonably courteously, for some bizzare reason I had the finger from a Vicky Pollard lookalike the other day but she was in the back seat of a tidy E39,,,,,,may have been a disgruntled client I suppose...
roomsters & mods - MichaelR
of first service er.....140 + VAT - what do you get for that in a
BMW garage ? -

I paid £135 inc VAT for an Oil Service, which would be similar to the first service for the Roomster. My last service was an Inspection I, which the dealership charged me £120+ VAT for but I supplied oil @ £60.
roomsters & mods - tyro
in your motoring.

I suppose that could be misconstrued - so, for the purpose of avoiding confusion, I should probably have written "from other motorists".

roomsters & mods - bell boy
Firenza Droopsnoot
very nice
just dont go for the estate version
if you fancy something rare ? a hb viva gt brabham?
i keep talking myself out of one of these
roomsters & mods - bell boy
the roomster, body shell windows designed by somebody who quit last friday......
yes reports on long term rattles required.........if any?
roomsters & mods - BobbyG
PU, what version did you get? Scout diesel? Will I be seeing you over in Briskoda soon?
2007 Seat Altea XL 2.0 TDI (140) Stylance
2005 Skoda Fabia vrS
roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
Scout 1.9TD all the gubbins - it was about £10.75p. (seriously its cheap).
roomsters & mods - Westpig
is this a progression that happens to all of us? I'm already on my second car that i've owned for more than 5 years, whereas when i started motoring 18 mths was an eternity...the quickest being a 6 week turn around.

Am i going to get a bit older and ditch my car for something sensible?
roomsters & mods - Westpig

Gives us a bit more re the Beemer. I'm intrigued.

My guess, something went wrong that needed sorting and despite being a more than loyal customer to the marque, you weren't treated properly and became disillusioned, to the extent you fluffy dice, you can shove the car and i'll go the sensible route and save my money. you've been so loyal to BMW in the past and like the cars you don't want to give ammo to the anti brigade on here, so you've decided to keep stum.
roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
It was an "issue" with the car, My initial instinct was to upgrade but.....well, needs must. The issue was sorted with little drama by the way. Its first major failure I've ever had on a Beemer.

I still have the bike and I love everything about it, Brand values the lot.

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roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
Well the conversation here last week was how the GTi is a hooligan drive and I can go out - any time and thrash it (and the bike of course) and be Captain Slow in the daytime. Seriously, I've deliberately slowed my driving down of late, the fuel savings I need somewhere for the dogs and to carry er...logs and "things" it just fits my needs at the moment.
roomsters & mods - Avant
"....your missus, who has taken a far more sensible line than mine...."

I think Mrs PU is a chartered accountant: therefore she thinks logically and recognises a Skoda as a good car whuch does the job it's designed to do with a bit of driving enjoyment thrown in.

I'd have had an Octavia Combi if the equivalent Golf wasn't available to do the same job and probably hold its value a bit better - also for reasons known only to Skoda UK there is no Skoda dealer in Reading.

The Roomster is unique to Skoda - pity they don't put the 2.0 TDI in there, but have fun with it, PU, and good luck.
roomsters & mods - Altea Ego
PU is reluctant to reveal his plan, less someone steals his retirement plan, but I will reveal it here.

He plans to grow and hunt black truffles. The "quirky" (the new century word for ugly) skoda is to be used to cart his truffle hounds around.
< Ulla>
roomsters & mods - Honestjohn
Favourable test of Roomster 1.9D at

Remember it's smaller than a Berlingo, Kangoo and Doblo.


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roomsters & mods - adverse camber
Good for you PU. Hope you enjoy it - in a different way to the bm I expect.

Can I plug something?

For anyone who is thinking of growing truffles

You may have seen him on TV.
roomsters & mods - J Bonington Jagworth
"the new century word for ugly"

But, as PU rightly points out, nothing like as ugly as a Bangle design. Some 'ugliness' (like the Roomster) is forgivable for practical reasons and sometimes turns into chic (like the 2CV or Fiat 500), but a lot of it isn't and doesn't. Current BMW's and most 4x4's won't age well. The original Spen King Range Rover is a classic. The current one is a bread van with windows.

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roomsters & mods - SpamCan61 {P}
>>if you fancy something rare ? a hb viva gt brabham?

Two different cars surely bb? From memory ( I was still at school then ;-) ) the Brabham my uncle had was white - I think they all were - with 'chequered flag' go faster stripes, think it was the SL90 engine.

The Viva GT I only ever saw in blue, had a 2 litre under the bonnet, no idea where that engine came from. I do quite fancy a GT as a 'classic' I must admit, nearest I've got so far is one of these:-
roomsters & mods - freddy1
I owned a viva hb GT many years ago , blue with a black bonnet, they were the for runner of the later viva hc magnum/ferrenza

basicely a hb shell with the 2000cc slant engine fitted (from the victor) with twin stromberg carbs

they handled horrible , and would spin at the slightest touch
roomsters & mods - jbif
It was an "issue" with the car, . Its first major failure I've ever had on a Beemer.

Why are you being so secretive and all mysterious about it? Surely you can reveal what the probnlem was and do the backroomers a service in so doing? Please do tell.
It may even prompt HJ to put a note in his "good and bad points" bit in the Car-by-Car section if the issue deserves a mention there.

roomsters & mods - bell boy
'Early versions had a matt black bonnet, which was deleted in October 1969.'
thanks for that spamcams its puzzled me for ages as i only remember this model with the matt bonnet
and freddy 1 spin at the lightest dab of the go pedal...........luvly
roomsters & mods - PoloGirl
>I think Mrs PU is a chartered accountant: therefore she thinks logically and recognises a Skoda as a good car whuch does the job it's designed to do with a bit of driving enjoyment thrown in.

Haha... I think you ought to let PU tell you what his wife's reaction really was. ;-)
roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
She's come round now she's seen the stats. The only reason I don't want to dwell on the problem is that it would make me identifiable to anyone that works in the branch....I don't want that. The dealer was beyond reproach and BMW went the extra mile.
roomsters & mods - jbif
it would make me identifiable to anyone that works in the branch....

Ah, sorry, didn't think of that. The mystery is soved. Fair enough reason.

(Although if the dealer is reading this, he will know who it was that flogged a 535d to him yesterday. Knowing the region you operate in, not many 535d will have been sold back to a dealer yesterday!)

roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
I never thought of that.A cracking car for someone though
roomsters & mods - Citroënian {P}
Good choice of motor PU, I too went from the propellors (well, MINI is sort of) to a Skoda (the Fabia) and didn't regret it. For me it met my needs at the time, and the Fabia was a brilliant car - as the mornings get colder, I miss the heated seats and the brilliant heater on the 1.9TD engine.

Would seriously consider chopping the C4 for another Skoda if I ever get around to thinking through my motoring needs properly. Certainly if the Mazda blew apart tomorrow, I'd be tempted into another 1.9TD.

roomsters & mods - brg190 pete

There is a Skoda dealer in Reading. It's a combined franchise with SAAB. Used to get my Skoda serviced there. Wasn't all that impressed, actually, but it's definitely there!!
roomsters & mods - Lounge Lizard
Here's a nice article & piccies from Jeremy Clarkson for those of us who thought a roomster was some kind of house-share or sumfink.

And if he likes it... it must be good!

link removed

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roomsters & mods - Lounge Lizard
Wots all dem asterisks for?
roomsters & mods - rtj70
We are not allowed to post links to that website owned by the Murdoch's ;-) You're lucky the whole link did not go. Site rules which we all have to abide by. No problem for me if I remember when posting links.
roomsters & mods - jbif
We are not allowed to post links to that website owned by the Murdoch's ;-)

I think you are allowed to bypass that diktat if linking via "tinyurl".

roomsters & mods - bell boy
I think you are allowed to bypass that diktat if linking via "tinyurl".
negatory there good buddy, i posted the site via tinyurl and it was snipped,the mods say it comes from hj himself so you will have to email hj or the mods if you need more info

roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
"diktat ?"

No its site policy, breach it at your risk !
roomsters & mods - bell boy
> Wots all dem asterisks for?
>> snip
computa say no vats wy ;-)

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roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
roomsters & mods - bell boy
well even im shocked now :-o
does that mean it doesnt exist then?
even if it does?
roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
"find the steering very light for a diesel and a very pleasant drive. Honest John from the Daily Telegraph thinks its a good drive too!! I live down an unmade up dirt-track"

In reading the replies to JC's test in the "other place" one of the 39 replies from readers says the above !
roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
Well its arrived full write up shortly.
roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
First Impressions.

1. Dealer Experience - This was a non-local franchise part of a non-chain multi franchise set-up. The company has a good reputation. Arrived late on Saturday afternoon, it was pretty busy there, dressed in scruffs but driving a luxo-barge didn't expect much attention but was pleasantly surprised, given the car keys after showing an interest, wasn't offered a test drive but I didn't ask either...Skoda have a 48 hour test drive offer anyway. Anyway deal was struck, no GAP or "treatments" offered. Car would be ready in a week (today). No contact from dealer all week other than when I phoned yesterday, they seemed surprised I'd bothered car would be ready as promised. Little or no fuss when I got there today, car handed over, minimal paperwork completed, shown all the controls etc. Additionally told I was welcome to service outside the Skoda network as long as OE parts were used the warranty would be valid.
Sum up - totally laid back and honest transparent service, none of this malarkey about seeing his manager and that, no pressure almost disinterested sales technique, but a far better experience than when we bought the Golf earlier this year from a well known national chain. Perfect. When I asked the sales guy about his apparent lack of "passion" he said I'd come i knowing what I wanted and he responded to that.

2. Car Experience. - Almost unknown territory for me buying a car at this end of the market, however this car exceeded my expectations, everything has a quality feel to it, the wheel is made of the same leather as the Golf GTI's and feels a quality item at the MMI. Lots of sensible little extras. On the road the car feels well planted, slightly noisy engine (compared to a BMW six !). Light clutch, superb gearchange (again feels better than the Golf's), rattle free at all speeds, haandling is good and it drives very flatly in bends. Another thing I like is that the steering has life, far more than any of the MK2 Focus' I have driven - they feel dead around the centre. Driving postition is fine, I expected it to be too narrow,but its OK. Performance is suprisingly good gets to and cruises at the limit as fast as anything (except perhaps a bi-turbo BMW !) well you know what I mean. Ergonomically brilliant and a sound solid cab.

3. Initial Sum-up - Its a Marmite car - you either like it or you don't, I do especially with the black bodykit of the Scout which breaks up the cliff-like side profiles. MrsP has made complimentary comments (!), dog number 1 is a bit non-plussed at the moment, finally some neighbours came to see it, they never bothered whenever I got a new BMW. Sums it up,.
roomsters & mods - tyro
Interesting. The salesman sounds like the salesman we bought our Berlingo from - "almost disinterested" and without "passion". And yet that was absolutely right. We knew what we wanted, he answered our questions, and he didn't waste our time telling us about things we were not interested in.

I was also fascinated by Clarkson's comments: "Ordinarily, there is nothing on God?s earth quite as depressing as a mini-MPV ...The only exceptions to this rule, thus far, have been the Ford S-Max and the Citroën Berlingo: two genuinely clever and appealing cars. But the Roomster is better still."

Between Pugugly and Clarkson, I could just about be tempted away from the Berlingo. Well, maybe not quite - but if I was one of the neighbours, I'd certainly come to see it :-)
roomsters & mods - BobbyG
Slightly different scenario I know, but when I got my Fabia vrS there was no hard sell either. I had phoned to arrange test drive, was paying cash with no trade in, agreed a price over the phone subject to test drive.

On the trst drive the salesman invited me to be adventurous, in his words, I had done all my homework, I knew all about the car and he was confident the driving experience wouldn't let me down.

And he was right, straight after the test drive I signed for the car.

I wonder if a big part of Skoda salesmen's technique is along the lines of "skodas are a lot better than some people think they are, they are VWs without the price" and let the car sell itself?
2007 Seat Altea XL 2.0 TDI (140) Stylance
2005 Skoda Fabia vrS
roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}

Signed up to Briskoda !
roomsters & mods - Westpig
had the same with wife's Jag 18 months ago......i think giving the appearance you know what you're talking about as the customer helps........and maybe dealing with a provincial dealer.

Now the same marque's dealer closeish to London was a totallly different story... both of us marched out of there saying "no chance".

roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
Just been out in the dark - a couple of other thoughts.

Been sitting behind Xenons for the last few years, just realized how good they are ! Although the projector type lights have a very defined cut-off on this car, the dip-beam are too low in my opinion on country roads. Main beam is obviously better. May end up adding a pair of additional lights if I keep this a long time. This one has Adaptive lighting - bizzare, one "fog" light comes on when going slowly around corners, they make one hell of a difference but know doubt raise eyebrows and blood pressure of the ill-informed. Overall, better lights than the MKV Golf ! Indicators are highly visible on the front, again superior to the Golf's glowworms and they show up well without the fancy (expensive) door mirror mounted Golf ones.

Brilliant rear lights, full length obligatorily lams, double reverse and high profile indicators.

Curses - Dashboard lights are not variable, but illuminated in classic green, which quite retro.

Brakes are very fierce by the way.

roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
Honeymoon period over ?

Well, I still like it. Got let out of a busy car park twice today - flat cap may have helped.

Brimmed it getting just over 50 to the gallon. Not bad as it spends most of its time on Country roads and I don't hang about. Gripes, no heated seats (£160 pound extra new), don't like the VW remote. Carp fuel locking set up. heating slower that the BMWs to kick in, some obvious corner cutting in the fittings department, but still very solid though. Oh and the front seat sensor for the seatblet warning light (passenger) being too sensitive, dog sets it off when she insists on sitting in the front - The Springers feign indifference, the Cocker hates it and howls after dark.

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roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
And the most missed "gadget" of all........self dipping mirror, far more useful than auto lights and wipers.
roomsters & mods - Avant
Hear hear to that - my Golf has a self-dipping mirror, the first I've had (wasn't on either the Audi or Mercedes that came before it). Let's hope that they're one of those extras that gradually become universal.
roomsters & mods - Pugugly {P}
I have now come to think of it as.....wait for it.....a natural evolution of the Morris 1000 Traveller. I've now gone full circle car wise !

Lengthy motorway trip the other day, no shocks its as quick as it needs to be and can keep up with the traffic. I'll have to get out of the habit of occupying lane 3 though - give Skoda drivers a bad name ! :-)
roomsters & mods - Lud
give Skoda drivers a bad name ! :-)

Speaking as a former press-on driver of bog standard Estelles, PU, I think I can assure you that they already have one.
roomsters & mods - Pugugly
Unbelievably I've now completed 10k in six months (well I've done 8000 the rest was on the car when I bought it) Spanner came up today for its first service. Its booked into a dealer in Wales (where I expect to be by Wednesday). The huge mileage due to family drama at Christmas.

However I still love it, its loosening up nicely, more economical, smoother and quicker now since the last three fills have been of Shell (as opposed to Texaco). Two dealer visits both to retrofit extras ("Dog" Guard - dunno what kind of dogs they have in the Czech Republic but not a patch on a Cocker for escape skills obviously, and a tow bar). Nothing has broken in the car, no rattles, except a little one from the Dog Guard. Had a price for the service - £100.00 on the nose.....still sitting down, nowhere near the expected hit that I used to get in BMW dealers.

The car is totally practical, the rear seats a little weighty when you take them out, otherwise fine, easy to clean out when dogs have been out shooting or swimming. Rapidly replacing the Defender as a local runabout.

Went this morning for a test drive in the XKF (write up later) dealer didn't give me or the Skoda a second glance and was attentive and let me out on my own in the Jag...(once he'd seen ID - knew the Photo Licence would come in handy)

Dealers going to fit me Nautilus horn as well - apparently.

roomsters & mods - Pugugly
Nautilus horn fitted - significant difference, they charged me 1/4 hour of labour to do it.
roomsters & mods - oilrag
I like it ;)
roomsters & mods - b308
PU, you have the Scout, don't you? I've just ordered a Roomster 3 1.9TDi - we needed something bigger inside than our Fabia estate but no bigger externally, and that ruled out all the van based "compact" mpvs - looked at the new Berlingo - it was truly enourmous! The Roomster is quite a sizable car internally - enough to carry the folding wheelchair and walker or electric buggy!

Delivery in 4 weeks I hope!

BTW I've looked at those wind deflectors you have - do they affect mpg at all?

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roomsters & mods - Pugugly
Yes a Scout - still like it, and it still draws attention to itself sometimes in car-parks and the such-like. The 1.9 diesel is an excellent motor in this car - it has run in well now nearly 15k up in a year. Returns 55 mpg come hell and high water. One dog hates it with a vengeance though. Don't know if the deflectors affect the consumption 'cos I haven't had them off to check. The adaptive lighting things are brilliant. I rather hope they annoy other (ignorant) drivers. The motor is as strong as a horse and has sufficient poke for most things. It was funny re-reading this nearly a year down the line, Mrs P successfully predicted the recession which is why the BMW went before it lost too much money for us. The Landy has gone now a bit sooner than expected.
roomsters & mods - Pugugly
It is a non-threatening sort of motor in which one can cruise in lane 3 without fear of being stereotyped by others. :-)

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roomsters & mods - NowWheels
It is a non-threatening sort of motor in which one can cruise in lane 3
without fear of being stereotyped by others. :-)

If you do buy back the beemer, then maybe you should stick a ?koda badge on it to ensure that your progress continues to avoid generating hostility :)

In fact, if you glued on a ?koda radiator grille over the top of that kidney-shaped bit on the front of the beemer, it might even work ...
roomsters & mods - Pugugly
Its the lights - the Skoda has big bovine eyes - I'll chuck a swede at it shortly - or old time's sake.

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roomsters & mods - Alby Back
Or take a headmistress for a spin............
roomsters & mods - Pugugly
Don't ! Last time I saw her she had a E46 Touring.
roomsters & mods - Alby Back
Estate cars are so versatile.
roomsters & mods - Pugugly
Shhh ! Don't mention the "E" word in front of an owner - Its a Touring, definitely not an estate.
roomsters & mods - Lud
Non-threatening perhaps, and stylish too in its way whatever the aesthetic mainstream may think (wake up AE!).

But when it filters quietly past them at 93 or so on the motorway, don't you find a lot of jumped-up carphounds in Beemers waking up and forming an orderly, tailgating queue to put it in its place?

Just wondered...

roomsters & mods - Brian Tryzers
Maybe so, Lud - but is there a car in the world that doesn't cause BMW 3 drivers (and, increasingly these days, those in black Audi A4s) to behave like that? (I find 5 drivers generally have less they feel they have to prove.)
roomsters & mods - Lud
I was just trying innocently, tee hee, to stir up a repressed part of PU really. I myself don't have badge/driver stereotyping to a very marked degree. It's because what I really like is the automobile, warts and all.

No doubt if I drove a Beemer people would think of me as a blaring hobbledehoy Toad type. I am doing my best to shift the blaring hobbledehoy image to rough old Fords at the moment.
roomsters & mods - Alby Back
Me too Lud. Can you give me some tips? I've tried the sunglasses on top of the head thing but they keep falling off when I brake.......

roomsters & mods - b308
Thanks PU... and the rest of you... I'll look out for that queue of BMs and A4s when I get it...
roomsters & mods - john048
I,ve had my Roomster3 just 4 months, in that time the 'Power steering' has gone over a dozen times, its been in the workshop 5 times and 'Road-side Assistance' have been out 4 times. with the steering been mechanical unlike the fluid type to move the wheel is very hard and sometimes when it went I would be pulling onto a major road, it happend just the once and I had to put the car in revers and return to my parking spot. The car is back in the garage now and I,m waiting for them to tell me its ready to be picked-up, I will see how long it is before the 'Power steering' packs in AGAIN. Beleive me its getting so as I dont want to drive this car, I never know what will happen next, but I will keep you posted now I have found your site. john048
Roomsters & mods. - malteser
I've had my Fabia 1.9tdi for seven and a half years! I bought it new in May 2001 and the PAS has been the only recurring problem.
If the PAS on your car is the same as mine i.e. an electrically driven pump rather than an engine driven one, you may well find the problem is not the PAS itself, but faulty power cable/s within the electrics of the car.
The symptoms I have experienced are now so familiar that I know when a PAS failure is coming! The headlights flicker when the direction indicators are used, the lights dim when applying full lock when parking and sometimes the PAS fails too, at the same time.
Oddly, if I turn off the engine & re-start it all is instantly well!
I think the low voltage sends a signal to the on-board computer which tells it that the PAS has failed - so it does until rebooted!
Replacing the faulty cable cures it until the next time. At my last service I knew that the problem was about to re-occur so I mentioned it to the receptionist and sure enough among the replaced parts left in the car was a power cable. It's only about a foot long, obviously fairly heavy duty, but why haven't the VW group sorted it out?
Blowed if I know.
Roomsters & mods. - Citroënian {P}
PAS - that's interesting; A week before we traded in our 2001 Fabia 1.9 TDi the power steering light came on; albeit intermittently. Steering was still working fine though. Very good car though and I still maintain it was a better car than the MINI Cooper it replaced.
Roomsters & mods. - Sofa Spud
Do they do Roomsters in black? I can't think of any vehicle that looks more like a hearse apart from hearses themselves!

Ask Honest John

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