yr 2003 - VTR - semi automatic gearbox Problems - terryn
My son has a 2003 C2 VTR (semi-automatic gearbox). It has developed an odd problem where it jams in 5th gear and hence cannot be driven.
To recover it is necessary to disconnect the battery, short out the positive connector (apparantly to reset the management system) and then reconnect. The gearbox can then be heard trying to sort out a gear. The gearbox software has been upgraded.
Has anyone else suffered from this problem? What is the cure?

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yr 2003 - VTR - semi automatic gearbox Problems - simon & stacey
My husband has a 53 plate citroen c2 1.4 furio with a sensodrive gearbox, that at the moment, is in pieces in our local Citroen dealer. It is 8 months out of its warranty but only has 28k on the clock. Citroen and the dealer are refusing to pay any goodwill towards these repairs, which at the moment means we have around £800 to pay to fix it. I am waiting for a Regional Manager from Citroen customer services to call me back as we are not willing to pay this, as a major compenent should not fail after only 28k miles. The input shaft bearing has broken inside the gearbox, the parts only cost under £70 to replace, the rest is in labour at a whopping £67.50 per hour. Both me and my husband work (or have worked) in the motor trade, myself personally processing warranty claims for Fiat, so we both know that this should not have happened. We haven't been informed of any software upgrade on the transmission, but I would recommend getting your car into a garage and sorting quickly so you don't get landed with a huge bill and the problems we are having . . .good luck !
yr 2003 - VTR - semi automatic gearbox Problems - Aprilia
Citroens don't have a particularly good reputation for reliability (I know some people have driven 500k without so much as a blown bulb, but I am talking generally).
Semi-auto and 'automated-manual' transmissions also don't have a good track record due to their complexity.
By buying a semi-auto Citroen you are therefore exposing yourself to a potential 'double whammy'.

The OP's fault sounds like some kind of software lock-up or sensor failure. I think DIY diagnostics or 'poke and hope' are not going to work. It will have to go to the Citroen dealer for specialist diagnosis. I doubt you will find an independent who has much knowledge or experience with system (probably won't have diagnostic tools either).
yr 2003 - VTR - semi automatic gearbox Problems - mergon
PSA = Citroen,Peugeot,Renault ,they have plants in China/Asia, they build complex transmission units that have known problems ie the al4 /dpo units that suffer from defective solinoids valves ,and overheating due to poor design ,when Renault actuly put in there handbooks that to long in traffic /to long on the motorway /carrying to much weight causes over heating and if that happens you need to lower the heat rang of your thermostat you just know there are problems on the way ,there transmissions need software updates so they say ,and for some reason there choice of fluid looks like only semi synthetic adding to transmissions overheating ,the fact you can't flush these units because it will trip the lock out just goes to show that they don't want people to flush them out and you should always go to to the dealer for everything ,
They east snails and make s*** cars ,I know I bought the wife one !
yr 2003 - VTR - semi automatic gearbox Problems - youngy980
hi ive got a 53 reg c2 vtr i had exactly the same problem with mine around xmas time i put it into the citroen dealer and was hoping my warranty would cover the costs i was really happy when i found out that it was the gearbox actuator and would cost around £480 and that the warranty company didnt cover that particular part all i can advise is get it fix sell it and never look at a citroen again. good look
yr 2003 - VTR - semi automatic gearbox Problems - jeppy26

i had the exact same problem only mine jammed in any gear it felt like, had to disconnect battery to restart the ecu for the gearbox, local citreon dealer diagnosed a faulty sensor/switch on the the gearbox that had corroded and had water init, they replaced it and also replaced the fuse for it too - for a bargain £100.


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