Fuel range & MPG for Mk1 1.8 Zetec? - jayboy

I have a Mk1 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Collection at the moment, and just wanted to know whether or not this model car had a reputation for being a bit thirsty?

The reason why I am asking is because from filling her up, to getting to the fuel light coming on, i am only getting a range of around 275-290 miles, and that is with me driving normally, and not caning it anywhere.

I had imagined a 1.8 engine would be getting around 350 miles out a £45 fill up?

My trip computer doesn't calculate MPG, but how much roughly do yo uthink I am getting based on the figured above?

Anyone have any views on this, or could any other Mk1 1.8 owners share how many miles they get out of a full tank?

Many thanks for any replies.

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Fuel range & MPG for Mk1 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec? - Jamesh266
I used to drive a 1999 1.8 petrol Focus and would typically get 33 - 35mpg on a run, and less than 30mpg on short journeys. Fuel economy was not one of the car's strong points.
Fuel range & MPG for Mk1 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec? - Jamesh266
And to answer your original question, the only accurate way to calculate mpg is to work out the average consumption over several brim-to-brim tankfuls.

But, assuming petrol is costing you a pound a litre, you are getting somewhere between 27 and 29 mpg, which is more or less what I was getting.
Fuel range & MPG for Mk1 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec? - L'escargot

According to the Ford 1999 brochure the "official" combined fuel consumption for a 1.8 Zetec is 37.7 mpg. I record every fill-up and calculate the consumption at the end of every month for my 2.0 Ghia and I consistently beat the "combined" figure by quite several mpg ~ and I bought a 2 litre for it's performance not it's economy!

I agree with Jamesh266 that your method of assessing fuel consumption is insufficiently accurate.
Fuel range & MPG for Mk1 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec? - Mad Maxy
I ran a T-reg 1.8 Focus for a few months before getting rid of it. (Horrid vehicle and most unsatisfying to own and drive that I never should have bought.) I struggled to get anything more than 33 mpg calculated from the trip recorder and brim to brim. 300 miles per tankful was about it.

IMO it's a nail of an engine and what you're getting is about par for the course.
Fuel range & MPG for Mk1 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec? - jc2
What's the tank capacity? And remember that the usable capacity is normally 4-5 litres less than the quoted.
Fuel range & MPG for Mk1 1.8 Zetec? - rich66
Yes, it does have a reputation for being thirsty. The mpg is almost as bad as the 2.0 but the performance is not much better than the 1.6.

I wish fords were more economical.
Fuel range & MPG for Mk1 1.8 Zetec? - agrb
I have a Y reg 1.8 ghia with 126,000 on the clock which doesnt use any oil an gets 150 miles on £20 of fuel. I would add that I use V plus shell petrol which I think improves general running although I"m sure others will say I am wasting money.
Fuel range & MPG for Mk1 1.8 Zetec? - agrb
re previous entry-forgot to mention that most of my trips are 10 miles or less with the occassional 40 mile run.
Fuel range & MPG for Mk1 1.8 Zetec? - carlh
I've got a 2004 1.8 which averages 40mpg although 90% is motorway driving. I'm not heavy footed, always use normal Shell Unleaded and I can always get at least 400 miles out of a tank.

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Fuel range & MPG for Mk1 1.8 Zetec? - DP
I had a spanking new 53 reg 1.8 Zetec for a couple of weeks as a hire car from work, and I could easily get 400 out of a tankful with mostly motorway use, but generally "boot down" company car-stylee.

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