1994 diesel. braking judders! - bobbypaintsstuf
the brake disk gets worn in places and causes judders though the steering wheel ,its the front on a front drive 306 diesel 1994, its the drivers side and the patches only really ( mainly ) appear on the inside of the disk, the problem has become unsuppressable buy the replacement of the disk and pads ( 4th time ), it used to be it went away or at least got a whole lot better for a while by replacing them, not any more..
the down link has been replaced and the track rod end of the anti roll bar ( hope that's the right names , it's what me dad calls them ).
the disk is really warped again and the pads will be goosed again as a result. tomorrow i will check the suspension and all other bits for movement, damage and wobbles etc.
i think after that i will go and get a caliper, disk and pads from the scrap yard ( cheep and if it don't fix the problem , which would be nice , it might make it bearable for a month or two ),

i had previously taken off the caliper and removed all rust, the pins were perfect and the piston was too, moving fee.the hob was cleaned of all imperfections and seem ideal , no obvious defects. so i am clutching at straws but the disk and pads must be replaced, so, if i get them from the same car they will at least be run in and if the problem is solved i will know it was the caliper and will get new disk and pads before the mot ( 17 nov ) if it doesn't solve it, it is at least another thing off the list of possibilities.

i will also swap the two front wheels over just to make sure the problem does not switch sides , therefore eliminating the wheel being a possibility.

I'm carrying out this work tomorrow as I have, so far, no choice. Please give me some choice, advise or divine inspiration ( even second hand would do ) if you have an epiphany let me know.

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1994 diesel. braking judders! - Civic8
Have you checked the wheel bearing,sounds like you may need a new one as the disc is floating in the caliper,also is the wheel bearing whining at all ??
1994 diesel. braking judders! - bobbypaintsstuf
no there is no noise from he wheel bearing! also the wheel when jacked up is very firm when pushed left to right, and just a little play up down, which if my info is correct is to be exspected and not indicative of a goosed bearing.
1994 diesel. braking judders! - Civic8
shouldnt be any play in front bearings at all, play in the bearing will cause the disc to float and wobble throwing it out of balance
1994 diesel. braking judders! - highflier
definately try change the bearings, there should be no play in them whatsoever, if there is then this will cause a judder/wobble so when the caliper grips the disk this is what could be causing the disk warp in the first place, just a thought plus, its cheaper than going through discs and pads at the rate you have.
1994 diesel. braking judders! - neilo575
Hi I have exactly the same problem does it happen at any certain speed mine seems worse at 40 mph I have fitted new disc's and pads fitted secondhand wishbones stripped the calipers fully greased slidding pins it has got better with the strip and regrease but I can't help feeling I have never quite found the cause please let me know if you have any success.
p.s my heater crap is yours
1994 diesel. braking judders! - Civic8
Hi neilo,worn bearings will cause it and work the same as an out of true wheel ie being worse as you say at 40,this will slowly get worse and will probably become noisy as well(surprised they arent now) will keep costing pads untill they are replaced!
1994 diesel. braking judders! - neilo575
Hi dk 54 just checked the wheel bearings and one side has no play the other side has some tiny movement in the 9-3 position nothing in the 12-6 position it's difficult to tell if that's slight steering rack movement there is no noise just this baffling judder,on one side when the brakes are applied one side locks up Neil (sorry not trying to hijack this thread) just hoping that our 2 faults my lead to a good outcome for us both
1994 diesel. braking judders! - Civic8
Both bearings should have no play in at all,so I would suggest replacing as a pair anyway,Really need to find out how much run out you have on the discs,preferably none,but should be no more than man min spec as says in the manual,if at or above replace.

you have to bear in mind the disc sits on the hub and bearing is underneath that,so if the bearing is slightly worn, the effects will be felt by the disc in the caliper causing your problem
1994 diesel. braking judders! - Civic8
How did you get on??
1994 diesel. braking judders! - neilo575
Hi again I checked the disc run out it measured 1 thou on one side 2 on the other I turn this one through 180 degrees then the run out was 1 thou I was wondering is I only have movement in the 9-3 position weather the bearing is shot as the play seems to come from the steering rack this whole problem is doing my head in now I have changed the disc's pads wishbones stripped and regreased the caliper sliding pins I do have two odd tyres on the front it does not shake at speed as you get with balancing problems Any help would be good Neil p.s the heaters crap I have flushed many times
1994 diesel. braking judders! - Civic8
If the hub bearing is ok,i would look again at the caliper,ie check the piston has free movement and is not coming out/in at an angle,and recheck the sliders,these can be a pain,and can jam, did you have to emery cloth them off before you greased them or just grease them??.

if the heater has a valve on it check its not seized....
1994 diesel. braking judders! - Fullchat
If the play is in the 9 to 3 position is it in the track rod end or bottom ball joint???
1994 diesel. braking judders! - neilo575
Hi again just been out for a hard braking session and the brakes seem to work better when hard braking they seem to get worse during normal braking stsarting to wonder if the calipers are slightly seizeing? Does the 306 have any sort of heater control valve as I have checked all the flaps and cables that I can check, the temp gauge never gets that high it struggles to get to 80 degres
1994 diesel. braking judders! - Civic8
Got any play on the sliding caliper,it should slide freely with no sideways/rocking movement at all,if thats ok and no problem with the piston,check bottom ball joint for excessive play then the strut....poss wishbone bushes
1994 diesel. braking judders! - neilo575
Hi again my on going saga is still doing my head in I have changed the pads and discs again also swapped the slidder pins and rubbers and one new track rod end still juddering above 40. As the car slows down you can feel it surging as it rolls to a stop with the brakes on a bit like something is buckled I have checked the runout it's around a thou running out of ideas any help would be great or if anyone is in the Northampton area to have a look at it

Thanks Neil
1994 diesel. braking judders! - neilo575
Hi again hopefulluy this is the end of the saga swapped the wheels front to back and sucess at last I did try this before and the car felt odd but after resetting the tracking it seems fine what did not help was the car had this problem from when I got it so I could never tell what it was like before ,so I now think if you have a judder check the tyres first by swapping them and then move on to discs

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