(2003) Steering rack play caused mot failure - Hairstrokes
My 2003 Ka has just failed its MOT!,,,,, not the normal leek problem... but play.

I have had a good look and pulled the boot off, and looked at what the problem is..

there is play in the drivers side "lolly pop" joint... the patd that joins to the track rod..

I cant understand why you cant get a new lolly pop and the nylon bush that it sits in. I can see that this is the only worn part.... can they changed as the rack is lots of money.

(2003) Steering rack play caused mot failure - injection doc
common enogh problem, trouble is that if you changed the ball joint you would probably find the rack would start leaking in a matter of weeks so you would be back to square one!, exchange racks are not expensive and they are a dodle to change. That is where working in the trade we are bad boys if we don't do a cheap repair & only replace the whole lot & once again if you came back a week later if we had of repaired it and it started leaking it would be our fault as well! thats the situation I have always hated. pay up for a proper job
(2003) Steering rack play caused mot failure - sierraman
Also it is not so straightforward,the rotational torque of the trackrod has to be set to spec.,you really have to know what you are doing,it is the steering.


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