Alfa Spider - suspension query - Ted
I have just had a 24,000 mile service on my 99T 2.0 Spider Lusso.

Despite covering only 22,500 miles the rear spring cup bushes on both sides have been flagged to be splitting.

No remedy has been propose under my warranty (although they are seeing to a noisy "advance variator"??? under warranty).

Is it reasonable for these bushes to split so soon? Should I push this for a warranty claim/contribution?
Re: Alfa Spider - suspension query - David Lacey
Yes-definately pursue this as a warranty issue - if Alfa want to RETAIN their customers then some goodwill payment should be forthcoming. Retaining customers is paramount to dealer/manufacturer success. If you have no luck with the dealer, approach Alfa UK Customer Services directly - ask the dealer for contact info.
Let us know how you get on Ted
Re: Alfa Spider - suspension query - honest john
Of course push for the work to be done under warranty. But don't get stroppy or nasty. Simply state your case firmly and be reasonable. At the very least you should get a goodwill payment, but if your car is covered by the three year dealer warranty then I think the work should be done for nothing.

Re: Alfa Spider - suspension query - Ted
So far, rejection from Warranty Holdings.

The dealer, who has thus far been very good, is now talking with Alfa Customer Services regarding a contribution.

What sort of level should i reasonably expect against suspension work estimated at £455? I'm not keen to pay much myself for the reason below:

The imminent arrival of Baby Ted forces the sale of the car, which is a genuine shame as we have had a fantastic year. We never went back to the dealer until the service at the end of April which led to this query.

Am now looking at a choice between an Audi A4 2.0SE and a Jaguar X-type (entry level). Neither has the appeal to me of the Spider, although both are classy cars.

Value my car