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Recommend me a decent cycle carrier - golfgtdude
Hello All,

I currently own a MK5 VW Golf TDi 3Door. Been transporting my mountain bike around in the boot but it's too fiddly. I want a more ideal solution.

Considered a towbar based rack (i have no towbar yet) but fittment of a towbar to this car is so complicated.
Roofbars impact fuel economy and could possibly risk scratching my paintwork.
Which leaves a cycle rack.....

Comments appreciated.
Recommend me a decent cycle carrier - PoloGirl
Can't recommend you one, but I have the same car and just wanted to check you're aware that you can't fit Halfords own cycle rack to this golf. Apparently it's something to do with the bumpers being too soft. What I found quite ironic is that the picture on the box is actually of the Golf, but it specifically says you can't fit the rack to that car.

Don't want to put you off but we spent ages looking for something that we could use on other halfs passat and my golf, and gave up in the end as it was simpler to get a roof mounted kit that fitted his roof bars, and there's no obvious way of fitting roof bars to the golf - how would you do it as there's no gulley?

Personally I think you're more likely to get paintwork damage/dulling with a rack than roofbars.
Recommend me a decent cycle carrier - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Get a tow bar fitted professionally and fit a carrier to that.
Will probably work out the same cost as fitting roof bars and specialist cycle rack.
I'd never recommend a rack that clamped to the tail gate of a Golf.Even a well know brand name.
As related before, I carefully tensioned and adjusted everything and as I drove home, the rack and the bikes popped off on a corner bump. Bikes were destroyed.
Rack was OK.
On examination the rack was not rigid from corner to corner and a twisting force would release one clamp- the other following soon after. Fortunately the domestic insurance covered the bikes.
Rack went in the bin.
Recommend me a decent cycle carrier - BobbyG
I have used both towbar and roof so can make a few comparisons.

First of all, reckon roof is cheaper by far, but depends on how many bikes you are going to want to carry?

Roof hammers the fuel economy - I had 4 bikes on roof of my Altea and get low 30s as opposed to low 40s economy.

Towbar cycle carrier quicker and easier to fit. However if carrying more than one bike, roof keeps the bikes totally apart, towbar can sometimes be so close you need to manoeuvre pedals etc to make sure bikes fit together.

I had towbars on my 3 Scenics with a Thule carrier, but when I recently got my Altea XL it was too new for there to be a suitable towbar - there are some now but still very dear - nearer £300 whereas my Scenic was about £150.

Of course, when not carrying bikes, towbars give you more protection from bumps.......
2007 Seat Altea XL 2.0 TDI (140) Stylance
2005 Skoda Fabia vrS
Recommend me a decent cycle carrier - Rudedog
If you're still are looking at rear-racks then I've always found the ones made by Saris are good, they can be seen at www.saris.com, the Bones (3 or 2 bike) is recommended.

They can be bought at many of the online cycling shops, wiggle.co.uk have them at the moment for £89 in a variety of colours, and several positive reviews by the cycling mags.

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