Rear bumper damage - Tally
I have over the last year put a couple of deepish gouges on the rear bumber taking things out due to the low bumper on the car but i have just come back from France and somene has put a 12" scratch down the side of my rear bumper,but to cap it all i have reversed into a sign today and scratched all down the other side of the rear bumper.The only good thing is all off the scratches some down to the black underneath are on the rear bumper. i get a new bumper fitted and have it sprayed ( metallic) or will it be able to just spray the bumper? anybody and ideas and a rough estimate would be great please
Rear bumper damage - wmo
I had a new rear Mazda 6 bumper fitted to my car. Cost £500 for bumper and painting!
Rear bumper damage - SteVee
My Mazda 6's rear bumper also seemed to suffer a lot of damage. I wish the car had some rubber inserts (perhaps similar to Mondeo) to protect the paintwork.
I had it re-sprayed once. I did regret not having parking sensors fitted.

I would ask a body-shop for advice and perhaps get the reversing sensors fitted before painting ?
Rear bumper damage - Saltrampen
Fill and respray professionally - probably £200 - £300. ( I was quoted £150 for some small deep scratches on a honda).
New bumper - £500+ (probably not needed unless really bad or cracked)
Fill and respray yourself - £30 + several hours of your time

SO DIY is the cheaper option, however it is critical to find some matching paint.
I have found that Halfords do a good match for most fords, but lousy for Hondas.
Downside of doing it yourself is that you need to be good at this sort of thing.
I "practiced" on older cars before I would even look at a newer model.
Since you mention metallic paint, then maybe slightly more fiddely.

Other option is a mate who has sprayed/repaired his own car.

You could go to a company like chips away, but this maybe too big a scratch for that sort of thing.

Go to the accident repair bodyshops and get quotes for a fill and respray. Some will probably convince you that you need a new bumper, but unless the structure of the bumper has been compromised, no need, in my opinion unless vast areas need rubbing down and respraying.

Rear bumper damage - gramar

I don't know whther this helps but at the weekend I repaired a couple of unsightly scuffs from my rear bumper - I'd backed into a low wall. I used a product called Quixx that really works - I bought my kit from Ebay somewhile ago, having read an article on it in Autoexpress.

Try this link -----

You may find it a little cheaper on Ebay too

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