325 ise water pump squeal - ronnie_rev
Hi I am looking at buying a bmw 325ise. Its a 1992 plate. There is a sqeal coming from the water pump. There temperature is running ok at the moment but i am sure it wont get any better. Is it a big job changing this. Dont know much about bmw. Cheers. If Someone is good with these engines can they tell me roughly what needs to be done to change this as I prefer DIY than steep garage bills. Cheers.
325 ise water pump sqeal - elekie&a/c doctor
May be a good idea to get somebody familiar with this engine to take a look.There are lots of rotating pulleys on this engine any one of which could sound like a water pump squeal.Possibly be the polyvee belt itself making the noise.hth
325 ise water pump sqeal - ggh1
I changed my J 320i plastic impeller water pump to a metal one as the plastic ones can fail. I did not find the job too hard (with the help of Haynes) except for making the thin, wide jawed spanner required to remove the left-hand thread viscous fan coupling. I also fitted a new belt tensioner as the old one was on it's last legs.


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