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Heater fan not working but lights come on with it - kenny49
Can anyone help me with my Punto?
It is a 1.2 ELX Mk2 and the heater fan does not work but when I turn on the fan the exterior lights come on!!.
Help please this is driving me mad.

Kenny 49
Heater fan not working but lights come on with it - bell boy
no easy answer but start off by checking as many earths as you can find,i would pay particular attention to the multiplugs that go into the headlights,however they arent the easiest to get out in situ without taking the bumper off so take your time
Heater fan not working but lights come on with it - Another John H
A bit more historywith the fault, and any previous work done on the car would be helpful.

My best guess is a pair of swapped connectors - the cigar lighter and fan controls are both shown 3 pin and wired differently to one another, and physically relatively near.

Both have a courtesy backlight - hence a circuit back into the lighting.

Cigar connector wiring is lighting/power/earth. (yellow-black/red/black)
heater connector wiring is power/earth/lighting. (light blue-black/black/yellow-black)

If you have the heater switching on the cigar wiring you connect power to lighting via the motor when you turn the heater on.

By way of warning - I'm looking at a very poor copy of the daigram in a "Lindsay Porter" book, and I don't do this for a living. Take care.
Heater fan not working but lights come on with it - aaflyer
Hurrah - a fellow Mk II driver!

Kenny, I'm having a hunt for my Haynes manual to see what's what, but it might be a few days before I find it (new house!)

Try the local library for a Haynes to see the wiring diagrams. As 'Another John H' says, take care with it anyway.

Heater fan not working but lights come on with it - kenny49
Many thanks.
The latest work done on the car is changing the ECU and steering motor (for the 2nd time!!). But I have checked this and this seems ok. These cars are a right load of rubbish, the electrics especially. It has been nothing but trouble since it was bought.
Thanks for your advice.

Heater fan not working but lights come on with it - Another John H
The book I've got isn't recent enough to show the (Mk2's electronic) steering in the wiring diagrams - as the publish date is 2001.

Heater fan not working but lights come on with it - vincey
We've been running a 2001 Sporting since new, If you use the "girlie" City button all the time this puts stress on the electric motor. that may explain the 2 failures you've had.
as per the heater, do check the thick black wire as mentioned by KenU. good luck.
Heater fan not working but lights come on with it - Kerry U
I've got exactly the same problem.

I've looked on the Fiat Forum website and the following may be helpful:-

"The problem is likely to be the thick black wire which sometimes hangs loose (it has a clip on it and is clipped to the heater fan box) up behind the glovebox at far left. Pull the connector apart and chances are the terminals for the earth connection are melted causing it to short circuit onto the side lights.

This sounds quite promising so I shall be having a go this weekend. Desperate to get it sorted now the cold mornings are here.

Good Luck
Heater fan not working - MucklePaws
Hi Guys, seen your thread on the heater fan not working. Im not getting the sidelights coming on but my fan isnt working at all. It just stopped one day, not an intermittent fault. I therefore assumed it would be a fuse or similar sort of problem. Anyone any ideas on common problems with this??. Ive checked some relays and fuses, and they all seem to be intact. to be honest tho, theres like 3 or 4 for fans so wasnt sure if any related to the heater for the car or not. I too am stuck with the winter coming in and no heater to clear the windows. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Heater fan not working - yellasportin'
Must be that time of year. Got exactly the same fault with our Sporting.

Where is the heater motor on a 2002 Punto? We have a bill from the last time it was fixed that says they 'traced a wiring fault back to a poorly fitting multi-plug at heater motor''..

Edited by yellasportin' on 05/10/2008 at 11:15

Heater fan not working - daughters_with_cars
I know it's an old post ... but , I have the same problem. Was the solution as suggested ??

Had the electric power steering going intermittently as well but all the wiring looks good, wondered about the ECU under the dashboard, but the fan doesn't go there.

Agreed , the electrics on this model are poor. The electric steering pump is a rubbish idea if you have to get it recalibrated by a main dealer.

Heater fan not working lights come on - daughters_with_cars
It is indeed one of the connectors to the heater fan. It has three wires on it , two are thick wires , blue and black and a thinner green/yellow. Plastic connector was melted so I cut all wires and joined using a screw terminal. job done , now to look again at the steering light ...
Heater fan not working lights come on - Huddsy
Many thanks for this thread !
Saved me a few hrs on a cold sunday morning hunting for the fault !

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