Wide boot? - Ed V
I'm looking for something smallish, or at least not unncessarily huge, but with enough room to take golf clubs width-wise [4.5 feet roughly in old money]. The current Merc Sports Coupe is fine with the back seat down, but then noisy. I'm looking at the BMW 3 series Touring, Volvo S60 or Subaru Forester [I had a Legacy but it's large for mostly town driving]. All are around the same reasonable length. Can anyone suggest others to check?
Wide boot? - gmac
You might want to check the S60 very carefully.
The boot opening is only 90cms wide and 45 or 50cms (I can't remember exactly off the top of my head) high. Huge boot once inside but very narrow opening.

V70 might be of more useful comparrison to Touring and Forester, basically the same car but estate rear end.

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