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A/C condensor punctured - CJay{P}
The car is a 2002, 320D.

Last week I noticed that the car begun to loose its ability to cool the interior effectively. Took it to an A/C specialist, who pressurised/tested the system (or something to that effect), and the pressure gauge showed that there was a leak somewhere. When he disconnected the cylinder, faint whitish fumes came from a corner of the condenser. We then saw that a small stone had damaged the A/C condenser.

This specialist wanted £300 to put a new condenser and regas the system. He wanted the car for half a day at least.

I spoke to another specialist who wanted £250, but said explicitly that the condenser would a BMW compatible condenser, but not a BMW branded condenser. He wanted the car for at least a day.

Spoke to another specialist, who is yet to get back to me.

Do these prices look ok? Would it be feasible for me to get the part down myself, fix it and then get it re-gassed, effectively paying only for regassing (which seems to cost about £45)?

Thanks in advance.
A/C condensor punctured - bell boy
non oe condenser=£100
booked time for job 2.2 hours at lets say £40 an hour = £100
regass £45

plus the vodka and tonic= £250/£300 ish

so very reasonable
A/C condensor punctured - Chips with everything
These figures are very close to those that I have been quoted for the condensor and regas, on my 530D, from my local specialist.

A/C condensor punctured - CJay{P}

I wonder if anyone can comment on my other question - i.e. whether I could do the condensor replacement myself? I am not a competent mechanic, but I am fairly good on DIY stuff.
A/C condensor punctured - mjm
I would be tempted to leave the whole job to the garage. If the book time is 2+ hours it tends to indicate that access is not easy.
The specialist will have done it before and will be equipped for the pipe union spanner sizes, hidden clips etc.

If you break/can't undo something you are back to square one or worse.
No disrespect to your diy capabilities whatsoever but if you "build in" a leak through a joint which you have made then the specialist is going to have to undo your work anyway.

If access is difficult then, if I were doing the job, I would leak/vacuum test the system before re-fitting the bumper for example.
A/C condensor punctured - elekie&a/c doctor
Replacing the condenser on one of these is not an easy task.It requires removal of the coolant rad and fan,any turbo intercooler pipes and pas cooler pipes.I would suggest leave it to someone who has done it before.
A/C condensor punctured - Pugugly {P}
Daft as it seems, have you had a quote from your BMW dealer or a BMW indie ?
A/C condensor punctured - CJay{P}
>> Daft as it seems have you had a quote from your BMW dealer or a
BMW indie ?

Thanks everyone. I'll avoid the DIY option.
Yes, the first quote is from a BMW Indie. Will speak to a dealer before I make a decesion.

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