2001 1.8LX - Rattle when idling. - Richie_green
I have a Y reg 2001 new shape mondeo with 105,000 on the clock with a full service history.

Recently, the engine has sounded a little loud when sitting idle, almost like a rattle. I have also noticed an intermittent noise when accelerating a little when in gear. It sounds like a rattle and only lasts for a second or two. Other than this, the car drives fantastic but am just wondering what it could be and the costs expected?

Thanks in advance

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01 Mondeo - Rattle when idling. - milkyjoe
Clutch release bearing
01 Mondeo - Rattle when idling. - Richie_green
Would this also cause the idle rattle? Someone mentioned pulleys?

01 Mondeo - Rattle when idling. - milkyjoe
could be a number of things , when did you last do a cambelt change? or auxiliary belts as in power steering , a/con , alternator.....need more info...cheers
01 Mondeo - Rattle when idling. - Richie_green
I have only had the car for a few months so haven't don anything to it.
Guess a trip the garage is needed!
Thanks anyway for your time
01 Mondeo - Rattle when idling. - justmusic
I have a 51 1.8 and had a similar problem. It was worse when put under a bit of load (ie put the aircon and headlights on).

Local garage diagnosed alternator springs (I think). Replaced them and it's been fine since.
1.8 LX - Problem help - Richie_green

I posted a month or so ago with a problem I am having with my car. When accelerating away there is a rattle coming from the engine - not sure if it the engine or gearbox. When reving when in neutral this does not happen. Is this likely to be a gearbox problem?
When it is idling the engine does have a rattle but not when revving! Can anyone please offer any advice as this is soooo frustrating!

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1.8 LX - Problem help - Saltrampen
If Clutch pedal is depressed and noise drops, suggests something in that area such as release bearing or flywheel, but will require taking apart / inspection to isolate exact cause if confirmed that the noise comes from that area.

Really need mechanic familar with Mondeos to go over it with a mechanics stethascope / long screwdriver to listen to the different parts of the engine.

Hopefully it is not the above and something cheaper like the exhaust.
2001 1.8LX - Rattle when idling. - injection doc
Cats often rattle when braking up, Also check to see if rattle is around inlet manifold as fords did introduce proggressive butterflies in the manifols & they come loose & rattle & if thats the problem should be delt with swiftly
2001 1.8LX - Rattle when idling. - bell boy
does rattle go when clutch depressed and not moving
2001 1.8LX - Rattle when idling. - Richie_green

The idle rattle is coming from the back of the engine and happens both when the clutch is and isnt depressed.
The rattle when accelerating only happens for a second when just changed gear after the clutch has been released. It tend to happen also when accelerating at a slow cruise for a few seconds until speed builds up.
2001 1.8LX - Rattle when idling. - shadyarea
I to had same rattle that you have explained on my 51reg 2.0 zetec
at 102000 miles turnt out to be the butterflys in inlet manifold common problem.had to replace complete manifold as there are no parts avalible to replace.cost me £268 for manifold and £30 in gaskets ford wanted £538 parts and labour took me 3hrs to do
2001 1.8LX - Rattle when idling. - henry k
Cats often rattle when braking up

They certainly do. I was surprised what a racket they make.
I recently had my cat replaced on my 98 Mondeo even though it was OK re the MoT.
2001 1.8LX - Rattle when idling. - injection doc
Richie, I had already suggested you have the inlet manifold checked & another post has suggested the same, if it is the manifold butterflies coming loose they can fall into the engine & cause serious engine damage!!!!!!!!!!. Hopefully its the Cat rattling but if it is you will still need to change before it blocks up!
2001 1.8LX - Rattle when idling. - Screwloose

And I'll back that up too. There's a very good chance that this is the butterflies or their control linkage.

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