01 Saab 9-3 2.2tid EML illuminating. - kwakersbhoy
I have a Saab 2.2Tid 2001 model and it is suffering engine management problems. The engine management light came on about a month ago and I took it along for a diagnostic check. The results were pressure in turbo (burst hose, replaced now) and Map sensor (now also replaced). Now when driving I have a lost power, the car runs fine up until just over 3000rpm and then the engine management light comes on, I come off the power and the light goes off again, if it happens in 5th gear the light comes on earlier and stays on( kill ignition to reset light) The Saab dealer says it is likely to be the air flow mass meter (£122) but i am unsure. any suggestions, I don't think it is the turbo as I can hear it spinning.


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