Mk2 Polo - a bit of fun - Richard Hall
Mk2 Polo owners (and I know there are several in the Back Room) will appreciate this web site counter< /a>. Unfortunately the site itself is in Dutch, but I'm tempted to ask if I can use the counter on my own website....
Re: Mk2 Polo - a bit of fun - Richard Hall
Hmm, that didn't come out quite as I intended. The link works, but the message doesn't look very pretty.
Re: Mk2 Polo - a bit of fun - Rob F
Even though it's in Dutch, 'carterbescherming' problems on the forum sound familiar!
Re: Mk2 Polo - a bit of fun - J Bonington Jagworth
A bit big for a counter, though! (Although I can think of a few sites that it might improve...)
Re: Mk2 Polo - a bit of fun - sjampoo

A bit off a late reaction maybe, but never mind..

I\'m the designer of this counter (and founder/maintainer of the website).. Nice to read it\'s noticed even outside the dutch part of the world..

Dunno really what this backroom is about (googled my way in here), so I\'ll sniff around abit..

the carterbeschermer topic is actually a sumb-guard thing: the original sumbgard (or better: drive-train-protection as the german engineers call it) by volkswagen fits all typ86 and 86c models..

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