Citroen VSX hydroactive spheres - Lin
Hi All,

This is my second attempt at posting.
I have a Citroen Xantia VSX 1998cc Turbo. It has petrol CT engine.
I have two problems, firstly the suspension is so bumpy it is almost undriveable at times. It is sometimes OK. When going over bumps, no matter how slow I take them them the car bounces hard and I have to hold the steering really tight. It also drops at the back when stationary and sometimes the suspension drops on the right side this usually happens when I am going very slowly parking.
I took it to a Citoen main dealer about six months ago and they changed the rear spheres, the height corrector and the accumulater which was not holding reserve pressure. This cost £700 and I am not keen to go back. It was alot better for a while but is now worse than ever. The second problem is a hole in the manifold where a bolt has sheered off the casing and it is sucking in air. It makes the car very noisy, but my mechanic says it would be too expensive to fix and I should just leave this. The car has just failed its MOT due to the suspension only - the manifold problem was not a failure surprisingly. Please tell me what I can do? Is it time to pension my lovely car off?

Citroen VSX hydroactive spheres - rip
im sure someone will help you, but in the meantime you may like to post on (frenchcarforum) who im sure will give advice.

Is this the activa model?

Re: the bouncy car what is the condition of the front spheres? they may need changing, press down on each side they should be a few inches of movement.

And yes stay away form the dealer, £700 to change £160 worth of relatively easy to change components is a rip off.
Citroen VSX hydroactive spheres - Roly93
Firstly, I think it is unlikely that anything other than the suspension spheres need changing on these cars, so building on what someone else has said, just changing the front spheres should do the trick. The spheres just screw in place, the only difficulty being having the right tool to tighten them, which most people wouldn't have. These spheres are only about £30 each in Eurocarparts.

Its difficult to say whow to fix the manifold without seeing it, but I assume you mean the inlet manifold. If so you could stop the hole up with something like Araldite or even some of the proprietory products like 'liquid steel' which will do the job and easily stand up to the heat of the engine.
Citroen VSX hydroactive spheres - Lin
Thanks for the messages, I will try what you say. Does anyone know of a Citroen mechanic in the Kent area? (Near Maidstone if possible). I am not mechanically minded!


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