Warranty - Majic
Seen as my post about Carcraft has been stopped. Could someone please answer my query about warranty.

If I buy a 2 year old s/hand car which originally had a 3 year manufacturers warranty from new is the remaining 1 year transferrable to me on purchase?
Warranty - Galaxy
Providing the car has been serviced in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations during the first two years and the service book has this fact recorded correctly then yes, the warranty should be transferrable. However, it's always worth checking this out before purchase.

I think the fact that the Carcraft thread has been pulled speaks for itself.

Warranty - DP
Just bought a 2.5yr old Renault privately with FRSH, and the 6 mths remaining warranty remains valid.

The way my local Renault dealer explained it to me is the warranty and terms and conditions apply to the car, not the owner. There's a central computer at Renault which logs all the servicing on each car, and flags a simple Yes or No to tell them if the warranty is still valid. They don't care whose name is on the V5 - in fact to process a warranty claim, they don't even ask.

My understanding is that most of the mainstream manufacturers work the same way.

Warranty - Gromit {P}
I'd emphasise what Galaxy said: double-check exactly what warranty you're getting and precisely what it covers - and doesn't - before you buy.

When buying the Gromit households current two cars, I've been offered:
- the balance of manufacturer's warranty on a car sold through the manufacturer's dealer network
- an "approved used car scheme" warranty on a car sold outside the manufacturer's network in lieu of the balance of manufacturer's warranty
- a third-party insurance policy-type warranty, with minor faults to be covered by the seller
- an undertaking from the seller that they would repair any faults for one year after sale, to be included in the sale contract.

I've also found the dealer's reputation - and how keen he is to resolve problems quickly in order to maintain it - are also very important when it comes to getting smaller faults fixed.
Warranty - BobbyG
Friend just bought an Aug 05 C Max from auction. Phoned the dealer who has confirmed balance of 3 year warranty is valid.

As has been mentioned before, as long as servicing has been carried out as per schedule.
Warranty - ablandy
bought my car from a car supermarket and the balance of the warranty was honoured by main dealer. Only needed electric tailgate replaced though.

regarding your other post, i dont want to open that one again as i can see the potential problem. But, in my experience with one car supermarket which i have dealt with for 4 car purchases i can say the following: no negotiation on price, get what you see, basically auction cars with more potential for come back (although they do try to wiggle out of it!) and a few hundred quid on top. Warranty is generally honoured, but they will try and sell you one anyway. I have no comment on their worth, not had one. The "sales people" are actually more interested in selling the extras than the car. The car is a tool to sell finance, gap and warranty.

Go to bca a few times and get a main stream car. HJs reports on these can help give an idea. Food is ok too!

hope that helps
Warranty - Morpheus
>>Go to bca a few times and get a main stream car. HJs reports on these can help give an idea. Food is ok too!

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