Honest John recommends a cc - alapppy
In yesterday's Telegraph Honest John recommended the VW EOS to a buyer looking for a new CC. I recently bought a Ford Focus after looking a few VWs..All had problems with roof leaks creaking, ratles etc etc...On my experience I would say go for the Ford( if dont mind the long boot) NO rattles ,leaks, drives as well as the saloon and all the extras you could want for a big saving over the VW...so HJ why no Ford on the list?

Honest John recommends a cc - Honestjohn
Because that particular Choose a Car was done last year. Just took forever to float to the surface. Onece I e-mail something to the paper it's out of my hands. The Eos leaks are well documanted in cbcb. That said, the Eos 2.0T is a much more sporty drive than the Focus 2.0 CC.

Honest John recommends a cc - Marc
Saw a brand new Focus CC awaiting collection at my local Ford dealer - very attractive car. Didn't know what it was at first. The one I saw was top spec with large alloys, full leather etc. Only one I've seen so far.
Honest John recommends a cc - alapppy
That explains it Well for my money.. rather no leaks!! The ford IMHO has a better feel on the road with no scuttle shake at all.. Neve thought I would find myself promoting Ford but the car is pleasure to drive ..GO FORD

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