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Hello all,

I am planning to selling our 2002 corolla T3, can someone advise on what would be a reasonable private sale price please.

The car is an 02 plate 1.6 petrol, with around 58k miles, FSH from new and all done at toyota dealer it was bought from. T3 with normal T3 trimmings plus a rear spoiler added. Silver 5dr, by the time i sell it it will have just had its service so will therefore have brand new brake pads and discs at front and rear brakes also done last month. Had a new manifold around 12months ago so everything is rather new. Its in very good condition, i tried to look after it, never been in a crash or a bump.

Complete new engine was fitted around 5k miles ago; it was completely replaced as a recall as certain 2002 models had heavy oil consumption.

Any ideas how much i should put this on Autotrader for?

Price check - Toyota Corolla T3 - Altea Ego
They go for about 5.5k on the forecourt - so about 5k seems reasonable.
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Price check - Toyota Corolla T3 - OldSkoOL
Cheers - I was thinking around that figure too. Think i will go with about £4,850 in autotrader, think thats a fair price.

Thanks again


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