2001 Ford Mondeo Duratec 2.0 Di EGR? - jimmy3110
Dear all,

Have a 2001 ford mondeo 2.0 diesel covered some serious miles in it as its a taxi 186,000!!!! Had a problem about 5 months ago were the car was running fine at start up and after a few miles it would start spluttering if it was rev'd hard it would chuck white/blue smoke out of the back. Took to my mechanic who thought it was the fuel sender pump he took it off cleaned the contacts and whacked it with a hammer (thats one way i suppose.) Car has driven fine unit now (doesnt lose noticble oil) The same fault is back, no engine management light and i add if you let the car sit after the fault it will start again but within a few miles it will do the same again lots of jerking and spluttering before grinding to a hault went through a period of rough idle at start up with lots of smoke havnt noticed this so much recently. Hope theres not too much details here. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time.
2001 Ford Mondeo Duratec 2.0 Di EGR? - jc2
A BIGGER hammer!
2001 Ford Mondeo Duratec 2.0 Di EGR? - jc2
Sorry-couldn't resist that.
2001 Ford Mondeo Duratec 2.0 Di EGR? - cheddar
Has the fuel filter been changed, could have got a dodgy fill of diesel and it could have water in it.

If it needs to earn money for you the £50-£100 at the dealer for diagnostics might be best.

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