BMW 525 TDS 1998 - replacement keyfobs - hjhirani

I need two new remote central locking keys for my car. Is a BMW garage the only place where I can get it? If so, do they charge for the key AND to programme it? Reason I ask is that one BMW garage said I would be charged 85 quid for one remote key and 50 quid for programming - another dealership said I only need to purchase the key as programming is not required.

Anybody had it done and can clarify?

BMW 525 TDS 1998 - replacement keyfobs - Aprilia
You can program these yourself. Its a bit of a rigmarole involving switching ignition on and off and pressing unlock button 3 times etc. I've got it written down somewhere if you get desperate - but you can probably find it on the web.
Wretched dealers will want you to book car in and then get a tech to do it in 2mins and charge you £50....

Note that there are two types of keys; one with a replacable battery and another type that charges off the car system. The procedures are slightly different for the two types. You might be able to get keys from somewhere other than the dealer (although I always bought them from there - not too bad with a bit of trade discount).


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