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Parking on yellow lines - no signs - BobbyG
Can anyone here (DVD?) tell me exactly what the rules are on parking on double yellow lines when there is no road sign stating what the regulations are?

Outside local baths tonight police booking everyone. Speak to WPC. Apparently a local Councillor has complained about the parking so they are booking everyone. I queried re the missing signs and she states that their instructions are that you don't need the signs.

However, only last week there was an article in paper about some parking in Edinburgh where there were no signs and therefore the actual traffic wardens were filmed parking their cars there cos they knew there would be no bookings!

I need utmost clarification if possible as I am about to write a stroopy letter to said police, Council and local rag.

Parking on yellow lines - no signs - horatio
No utmost clarification from me, but it usually says on the ticket, "all signs and indications checked to be proper and correct".

How many yellow lines? Double means only one thing, single can mean various things. If it was single they have no chance of making it stick.

Here the highway code indicates a double yellow with no accompanying sign, but has one for the single yellow.

*I just noticed you said "double yellow" sorry.

You could also check for any breaks in the continuity of the lines and that they are properlt T'd off at the ends. As I have heard that means they are not valid.
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - David Horn
Everyone knows you shouldn't park on double yellows, doesn't matter what the signs say. I'm not 100% sure exactly what the rules are, but I think that looking for signs for specific excuses is probably not going to work. Sorry.

SIngle yellows are a different matter.
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - Collos25
If the intention is obvious and double yellow lines are pretty obvious then no signs are needed for a prosecution,you could labour it in court that the signs were missing or that the lines were not properly painted with the correct T bars and were not unbroken so if you have that much time to spare and money if you lose then go ahead.
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - L'escargot
According to the Highway Code :-

"Waiting restrictions indicated by yellow lines apply to the carriageway, pavement and verge. You may stop to load or unload (unless there are also loading restrictions as described below) or while passengers board or alight. Double yellow lines mean no waiting at any time, unless there are signs that specifically indicate seasonal restrictions. The times at which the restrictions apply for other road markings are shown on nearby plates or on entry signs to controlled parking zones. If no days are shown on the signs, the restrictions are in force every day including Sundays and Bank Holidays. White bay markings and upright signs (see below) indicate where parking is allowed."

Incidentally, a lot of people don't seem to realise that the yellow lines apply to the pavement and the verge as well as to the carriageway.

Parking on yellow lines - no signs - Dwight Van Driver
In a nutshell Bobby:

To control parking a LA can make a Traffic Regulation Order for a Waiting Restriction. Such a restriction HAS to be signed
If granted single or double yellow lines have to comply with those authorised by Sec of State and laid down in Traffic Signs and General Directions 2002 as to size,shape and colour. There is a further requirement that the lines have to be accompanied by plates at intervals outlining the restriction.
If the lines and plates do not comply then there is an argument that the signing is illegal and the Order unenforceable.

Enforcement of the restriction is in the hands of the Police and a Fixed Penalty Notice/ Court.


in larger conurbations LA can apply for a Permitted/Special Parking Area which will apply to the whole area as opposed to single streets. Signs have to be erected at all entrances to the area/zone
to the effect it is a P/SPA and details of waiting restrictions in place. If these signs are present then there is no need for the lines to be accompanied by a plate, unless there is a change in the restriction, i.e. double to single. A plate is required at the point of change.

Enforcement passes from the Police to the Local Authorities with Penalty Charge Notices/Parking Adjudicator.


in places of natural beauty LA can apply for a Restricted Road Order which is in itself a Waiting Restriction but without yellow lines and only signs at the start of the length of restriction and plates at intervals. They can also change the colour of the lines to a paler shade of yellow.

Parking on yellow lines - no signs - milkyjoe
i live in a block of flats in my city centre,the street has single yellow lines down it (plated no waiting 8 am-630pm) if i park on the slabbed area surrounding the flats they cant touch me even tho i have to drive up a dropped kerb and over the pedestrian pathway to get to it cause its private property..jobs a gooden, having said that there is a car parked on the yellow line,its been there for about six months and its got about ten parking tickets on it you would of thought they would have towed it away by now, what gets me tho is why is it only a no parking zone during the day and not at night,either the yellow lines are there for a reason ie obstruction or not at all ,they cant say its restricting the traffic flow because its a cul-de-sac
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - Westpig
what offence has been shown on the ticket?

If the WPC has done you for 'unnecessary obstruction' then any plate for the yellow line is fairly irrelevant, the yellow lines would support the offence, but are not essential i.e you could get done for this offence, whether there are yellow lines or not

same for 'dangerous position'

in areas where parking has been de-regulated i.e given to council to deal with, police can't give out parking tickets, unless it's the two offences i've mentioned above.
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - daveyjp
Before firing off a letter complaining about getting a ticket for parking illegally think why yellow lines are located outside a swimming pool. You certainly wouldn't get any sympathy from me - my attitude would be one of 'about time too'.
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - BobbyG
Thanks for the information so far . It looks like since they are double yellow lines, no plates are required if I am reading the comments correctly so far?

Just to clarify, I didn't get a ticket as I don't park on the yellow lines but park in the car park at the rear. However, the yellow lines have been there for years and as I go to the leisure centre 5 times a week with the kids for their swimming club, I have never once seen a car being booked. Indeed, the road is always filled with cars.

I know its irrelevant to the question, but this road is a 30mph, if you put cars side by side the road is probably wide enough for 6 to 7 cars. With cars parked on both sides there is plenty of space for vehicles to pass inc lorries etc.

Instead of taking this action, the council could actually mark out parking bays on both sides of the road and this would solve all problems.

What got to me was the fact that due to a councillor putting pressure on police, and bear in mind at half seven at night there aren't that many police about, two of them were posted to issue tickets to all drivers. To be fair to the WPC she actually said to me that she did not want to be doing it and this was not what she joined the police force for.

Off to type the letter now to Council, Police and local rag.....
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - Lud
Make sure at least two of the wheels are on the pavement. Get your chauffeur to stand near the (insert suitable car make) smoking a casual cigarette and looking helpless.
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - horatio
Well DvD above said there HAS to be signs either at the location or at the entrance to the street with the times indicated.
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - daveyjp
"Instead of taking this action, the council could actually mark out parking bays on both sides of the road and this would solve all problems."

It wouldn't solve the problem of children not being able to see whilst trying to cross the road. Double yellows are put there to stop cars parking, usually for safety reasons.
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - LeePower
No there doesnt.

Everybody knows double yellow lines means NO PARKING at any time!

Parking on yellow lines - no signs - horatio
Your disagreement is with DvD not me.
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - Simon
>>However, the yellow lines have been there for years and as I go to the leisure centre 5 times a week with the >>kids for their swimming club, I have never once seen a car being booked. Indeed, the road is always filled with >>cars.

Thats called complacancy that is! If you continue to do something that is prohibited, sooner or later you will get bitten.
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - Micky
No-one should park on any yellow lines whatsoever. This leaves more room for my personal carpark.
Parking on yellow lines - no signs - peterb
I can see the headlines:

"Cars parked on double yellow line get tickets - shoc k report!"

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