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Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - A.B.Recovery
Hi, just started doing my mates head gasket and realised I've lent out my Haynes manual,
searched the web but can not find the torque wrench settings, and tightening sequence
anywhere....pls can anyone help? Vehicle is a 1993 PEUGEOT 306 1.4 PETROL
(Engine code TU3M/Z). Thx in advance!!!
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - Screwloose

Max bolt length 176.5mm or it's new bolts. Spiral out from the middle two; 20Nm then 240 degrees.
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - A.B.Recovery
Thx Screwloose, got new bolts.....
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - A.B.Recovery
Do I run it up before final adjustment? Thx
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - Peter D
No, all done cold. I prefer to tighen all bolts to 40NM, then undo them, torque them back up to 20nm then the angular scary bit. Regards Peter
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - A.B.Recovery
OOOPPPSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tightened bolts to 20Nm, then tried to suss the angular gadget i have, it all went PETE TONG!!!!, I snapped the rocker assembly.... does anyone know how to use these things? Mine is a black plastic 'wheel' with the degrees marked on it, I've sussed it fits onto the half inch drive bit but then I'm stuck!! I put a dab of white Tipex on the forward facing part of the bolt head, then tried to move the mark 240 degrees (almost full circle), is that correct?
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - Peter D
360 degrees in a a full circle, 1 Turn. 240 degrees = 3/4 of a turn. Regards Peter
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - A.B.Recovery
Thx, I didn't even get half a turn on the bolt that snapped rocker assembly.....gutted! My wrench has lbft, I worked 20 Nm out to be 14.75 lbft, is that correct?
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - LeePower
How old is your torque wrench & when was it last calibrated?
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - horatio
Yes you got the lb ft correct

you start on the middle bolt and then the middle on the other side then spiral clockwise or anti clockwise outwards (I shouldn't think it matters which way you go. But then again the way you go could be very important.

I would go up to 20Nm gently doing each one to about 7lb ft first then progress to 14 lb ft

Your method of angular tightening sounds right to me, I've never used one with a dial before, but I guess 240 ° means exactly what it says on the tin i.e. 240° which is 60° past a half turn. not 3/4 turn.

Are you positive you had both of the timing marks correct? You had the same pistons at top dead centre as they were when you took it apart.

When you go to buy your new rocker bits have a word with one of the mechanics at the peugeot dealership see what they have to say.
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - horatio
And you had the rocker parts correctly seated?

It doesn't sound like it had anything to do with "overtightening" to me, just that you had some parts misaligned.
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - Peter D
Thanks horatio I was rushing to go out and whilst driving down the road I thought 240 = 3/4 no it doesn't, and just got back in. Regards Peter
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - Peter D
I think you have got the pistons at TDC and the valve was pressing on the piston thus the bust rocker. If you are lucky the calve has not bent. Take the head off and ensure all the valves are gas tight just use some petrol or white spirit to see if the offending valve leaks when close. If all OK get your manual back and set it up properly with a new rocker and finish the job. Regards Peter
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - jc2
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - autumnboy

After seeing what happened to my Son doing his Tightening of his bolts on a Pug per the Manual. I would'nt do it as they say, because you could very well strip the threads out of the block.

He went to a Website who specialise in the Pug engines and they suggested to do it by Torque settings rather than by Degrees because of this problem. The holes could have rust or corrosion and this reduces the strength of the thread. Which site this was, I dont know.

Best research some of the Pug forum sites as he did.

But in the end by doing it by torque, its just as good without twisting the bolts to hell and ripping the threads out of the block which then you're in big trouble.

This happened on a 205 1.9 GTI some months ago
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - A.B.Recovery
Any chance of askin your son which site he found that info pls? i've searched for 3 days now!!! Many thx
Peugeot 306 Head Bolt Torque? - mack2222

A bit late in the day in responding, however just having replaced a 306 head gasket, there are a few things to watch out for, I would recommend new head bolts for a start, the length and thiness of these bolts almost dictates replacement. lock the cam shaft in place along with the flywheel, by fitting a couple of bolts in both holes, its so easy and keeps everything in place, blow out the bolt holes in the block with an air gun (mind your eyes) this makes sure that the bolts can go right in, and as I found having struggled with a dial gauge, its not easy to get it right as the dial gauge I had, wanted to move however tight I thought I had it fixed, in the end I used it just as a guide for the the final angle of my torque wrench.... One thing I am concerned about is that the Haynes manual (and others who may all be quoting from the same source) say after tourquing up to 15lb, the bolts should be turned another 240 degrees however the Elring gasket pack I used recommended 120 degrees, I assume that as they make the gasket they know its limitations!


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