306 key fob programming HELP! - scfc_151
i recently disconnected the battery becasue i replaced my throttle position sensor. Come to reprogramme the key fob as the book said - doors unlocked, key in the ignition to the 1st click and immediatly pressed the large button
The doors locked and lights flashed as usual but outside the car the key wouldnt work. However it would work when inside the car

after numerous attempts at this i even got the key working when outside the car for a while then this stopped.

I tried disconnecting the battery to start again but no luck

any ideas? thanks
306 key fob programming HELP! - scfc_151
seems to be working now. Flippin french cars!!! (30 mins later)

Any advice incase it happens again might be helpful
306 key fob programming HELP! - wayne1980
scfc hi mate,
i had this prob with my 306 xud dturbo. i found that the 2 batteries in the key fob needed replacing and the connection on the batteries in the key had too much clearence and wasn't making a good enough contact to power the central locking at distance. hope this helps

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