Car Valeting - Lazy Old Lady
What do you get for a car valeting and how much does it cost?

I have a 4yr old Suzuki Wagon R which is super but needs sprucing up after lending it to grandchildren.

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Car Valeting - stunorthants26
It depends entirely on what you want to achieve.

A full valet should cost no more than £45 for a car that size.

If the outside isnt too bad, dont waste money having it fully valeted unless you especially want it done - I have over the years tailored my valeting packages to what people most want and few actually want a full valet but its all they know to ask for.

A wash&hoover is actually as much as most people want as it makes the biggest difference visually. Clean windows also make a fairly big difference, but a polish is only really needed if it hasnt been done for some time - a good wash off with a quality shampoo will leave a shiny finish on any car with a reasonable amount of wax still on it.

I would say decide exactly what aspect of the car is making it look dirty - if the interior needs a good scrub, then perhaps have an interior valet which shouldnt be anymore than £20 and pay another £10 to wash the outside and go over the windows.
Car Valeting - deepwith
We have several 'hand' car wash operations locally which charge between £7 - £9 for exterior wash, wax and polish and £20 for interior valet as well. Have not had the interior done but the wash is excellent and leaves car looking as if just left show room.


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