Golf GT TDI PD 115PS - what's it worth? - DP
SWMBO is using her sister's Golf GT TDI PD (115 bhp) 6-speed manual at the moment, and has rather fallen in love with it. I don't get it personally (nice interior and engine, but the rest is forgettable), and SWMBO's sister is thinking of selling it early next year. I am considering making her an offer for it when the time comes, just to shut SWMBO up. In fairness, I am considering replacing SWMBO's Fiesta with something a little bigger anyway, as DP jr number 2 arrives in Feb, and the Fester is going to struggle size-wise.

I've seen some ridiculous prices asked for mk4 Golf diesels, yet Parkers suggests £5860 in private sale with 60k (this has done 69k). Auto Trader puts them much higher, with some of these advertised for more than this with 100k on the clock. VW dealers still seem to want the wrong side of £7k for any 6 speed Golf diesel as well..

It is a lovely example to be fair. In silver, with the optional electric sunroof (and std air con), and it genuinely is immaculate. I know it has been very reliable in the time she's had it. The MAF sensor was replaced (with a genuine VAG part) a few months ago, and a there was a central locking fault early on which was sorted first go under warranty. It has been serviced on the button and never caned.

Any input welcome.

Golf GT TDI PD 115PS - what's it worth? - local yokel
Golf GT TDI PD 115PS - what's it worth? - Peter D
I guess that you are talking a W plate. The 115PD prices have slipped a little lately but you can expect to part with 5.2K to 5.6K if it is a neat late W plate. The MAF Sensor is common at that mileage. Regards Peter
Golf GT TDI PD 115PS - what's it worth? - DP
What a plank, sorry guys!!!

It's 2000 on an X


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