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New to the forum, although been looking at the site for quite a while, so hope this is the right place to ask this question.

My girlfriend has a 94 Renault Clio which the full beams have packed up on. When the lights are off the flashers still work. I have checked the fuses and they are fine. Where should I be looking? The staulk does not seem to click on, could it be the switch or is just the bulbs? Would appreciate any advice you guys have.

Thanks. Steve.
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q1 Are we talking about full beam (blue light on dashboard) ? or dip beam? Normal driving lights?

q2 Is it sudden or has 1 headlamp failed previously shortly followed by 2nd?

Suggest trying a new bulb (or known good one from another car) to see if its a bulb problem.

If not it does sound like th switch but may be wise to ask a local garage if you are not a happy diyer !

Does car have an airbag fitted ? be careful replacing switch if it has.

Full beam headlights - steve242000
q1 - Yes full beam - blue light on dash.
q2 - Just suddenly gone.

No airbag. Think will get help if trying the bulbs doesnt help. Anyone know how I would do the switch if I need to?

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You said:
>>When the lights are off the flashers still work
>>could it be the switch or is just the bulbs?

What are flashers? If you can 'flash' main beam then the bulbs must be working.

>>The staulk does not seem to click on
Has the stalk suddenly started feeling different since the failure? If so then its probably the switch at fault

I don't know about the Clio but on a 306 the stalk doesn't click on. You pull it a bit to flash and when you pull it harder the relay latches on and main beam stays on even though the stalk returns to its rest position. Then to unlatch the relay you pull the stalk again.
Full beam headlights - steve242000

What you say makes sense really, if I can flash the bulbs must be working. This might sound stupid, but could the 'flash' not be from the dipped beam bulbs though?

Sounds like the clio works in the same way as the 306 - you pull the stalk forward, it clicks (well normally does), and then returns to its previous posistion. The stalk doesnt feel any different, still works everything else in the same way.

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I think flash is always main beam and always accompanied by the blue tell tale light on the dash, if it working ie blue light on dash = main beam OK
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Had this happen to my renault 19 (on the way to the MOT, sods law again) and got a replacement out of an L reg Clio at the scrap yard.

First of all ignore the haynes manual, it claims you need to remove the steering wheel when you don't.

Very simple to replace the stalk, just remove the three screws from the bottom half of the stearing column surround and remove it, then its just two screws to remove the stalk from the big bracket that goes around the actual steering column, and disconect the multiplug. Get your new switch and put it back together.

Full beam headlights - steve242000
Cheers Mookfish, that sounds like great advice. Will check bulbs and then if they are ok will do the switch as you described. Let you know how I go.

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