Mondeo Diesel - kev fergie
So, Ive read the older posts re. Mondeo 2.0 DI (NOT the new TDci, the old TDDi) and poor economy, strange power delivery... but - Im still considering purchasing one! Am I mad? Have the things improved with age?

We are looking at an estate for a company/private hack that will get used and abused... dont want anything fancy so its between a mondie or vectra diesel... whats the latest consencus on mondeo 115 diesel?
Re: Mondeo Diesel - Steve
There was some problem with older Diesel Mondeos in that the design of the car resulted major work to change the clutch, 7 hours labour I think, plus when it was put back together the suspension geometry could be wrong. This was something to do with work on front end to get at clutch. Other more knowledgeable 'posters' with doubtless correct or confirm this.
Re: Mondeo Diesel - Big Vern
Go for the Vectra 2.0 DTi as I get the impression the engine in the Mondeo was a stop gap solution. Never been a fan of Ford Diesels espically the old 1.8 (I've had to tow home variuos members of my family in 1 Escort van and 2 Fiestas fitted with this engine)

**** Very much my personal view and probably has no basis on fact *******
Re: Mondeo Diesel - Terry M
I agree with Big Vern - go for a 2.0 DI or DTI Vectra (or newer 2.2 DTI if u can!) - its a much more solid engine if you intned to use the thing hard - and being chain cam theres no belt to change. Dont fall into the trap of overfilling it with oil though - be sure to let it stand for an hour before checking the level. Also has a funny arrangement on the head in terms of how the in/out valves are arranged. Nice engine - just not as refined and cultured as some newer units.... a Vectra estate DTi should suit you fine... do others agree?
Re: Mondeo Diesel - Richard
I haven't driven the Vectra but I have a Mondeo TDDi and whilst the power delivery is a bit jerky there are engine management updates available to lessen the problem. This engine also has chain driven cam, and while it is probably not quite as economical as the Vectra the Mondeo is a much better drivers car, and it is also a much bigger estate. If I was buying now I would pay the extra and have the TDCI
Re: Mondeo Diesel - Mahatma Coate
Agreed, the TDCi is the best diesel out there at the moment - challenging petrol engines in most respects except when travelling slowly or at idle. Makes the PSA and VAG units sound and feel agricultural by comparison.

I tried both the Focus and Mondeo TDCi and the Focus is a bit quieter. If you don't need the space then it's as good as the Mondeo to drive.
Re: Mondeo Diesel - mark
I had a 97 Vectra DI for over 125k miles. The engine was the best part of the car.

After 50k there was always something that need replacing at service time and thank god for the extended warranty. Up to 50k there were lots of engine management niggles largely found to be the fault of inept vauxhall technicians. It was well baggy by 125k.

At all times the handling was poorish especially if one was "pressing on" on A roads. But that said a P reg is now as cheap as buttons.

The older 1.8 Mondeo diesel has a very antiquated engine but is a better drive than the Vectra. (i have driven a few from the fleet) overall the Vectra cabin is better thought out but I suspect the mondeo engine is inferior to the GM 2.0DI lump especially with 36k belt changes as opposed to a "supposedly" go on forever chain in the Vectra. Again the Mondeo is also coming though as cheap as anything if you look.

as ever

Re: Mondeo Diesel - kev fergie
Thanks Mark, very informative...

I agree about the old 1.8TD lump - it does the job and nothing more! Its a shame the rest of the vectra wasn't up to the miles like the engine - shabby by 125k eh? Id hoped to wring more from the thing I end up purchasing!
I think from your post you had the lower output 'Di' engine (not DTi) - did it ever feel underpowered?
Re: Mondeo Diesel - mark
According to the book it was around 90bph it was the DI not the DTI. In real tems it was good for 110mph max and easy 85mph cruising.

The engine was really good once the electrical hassles were sorted and did not use much oil although DI oil consumption has figured here more than once as a gripe.

The rest of the car was down to a price, to mention the failures over 125k the best were

trailored off M Way 5 times: all down to electrics;

Front suspension spring snapped at 100k

ECU cooked itself twice at 20k and 35k

Injector vacuum pump failed at 60k

Glowplugs at 90k

rear brake cylinders at 80k

Steering knuckle at 20k

Discs (front) 60k

pads front 60k and 80k

various solenoids and switches 20k, 30k 40k, 50k,70k

central locking 40k

plus many others I recall but can't put figures to.

the engine was a gem but the rest was fairly cr*p but however my overall feeling was better than the mundano.

I now drive a PD TDI Passat and have no complaints whatsoever.

as ever

Re: Mondeo Diesel - Trevor Potter
Can I make a suggestion?

Skoda Octavia Tdi.

It is of course effectively a VW with a Skoda badge.

Came position 12 in J D Power survey - MUCH higher than Mondeo.
Re: Mondeo Diesel - Trevor Potter
Just for the record -

Skoda Octavia - 12
Ford Mondeo - 122
Vauxhall Vectra - 150
Re: Mondeo Diesel - Terry M
Yep, also much dearer to fix (parts wise), dearer to buy and not as roomy...

Mony or Vectra has it for company use
Re: Mondeo Diesel - j.cronin
Because 99% of Skoda owners fill in the survey;less than 1% of the Ford owners do.
Re: Mondeo Diesel - AndyS
An airport taxi guy my wife and I use runs a 98 mondeo td which now has 275k miles up, almost all of which he has driven.

It has broken down on him only once and is still feels well together with no rattling and groaning. He reckons to get about 46mpg.

Re: Mondeo Diesel - pete
I would put the purchase on hold if i was you , the new diesel is too new to show any possible weaknesses , buy a vag or pc with a proven history
Re: Mondeo Diesel - AndyS
Made up numbers or can you prove a reputable source?

I doubt it.
Re: Mondeo Diesel - Flat in Fifth
Lets assume J Cronins numbers are right.

That means 99% of Skoda owners are happy, 1% of Ford owners are not.

Surely that means you've arrived at the same answer but from different directions.

Maybe its statistics courtesy of North Eastern Trolls Ltd. Then maybe its not.
Re: Mondeo Diesel - Mahatma Coate
I've never spoken to anyone who didn't like their Octavia but there again I've spoken to more Mondeo drivers and most of them like theirs too.

When I had a V6 Mondeo I thought the only thing wrong with it was the thirst.

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