Rear fog light question. - Petel
Rear 21w fog light, function only available when headlights on, fair enough. Dip beam, fog light on, switch to main beam, fog light goes out, back to dip, light comes back on. What is the reason for this?
Does my switching to main beam magically clear any fog behind my vehicle or am I missing something here?
Input appreciated. Thanks.
Rear fog light question. - Cliff Pope
I suppose it might be reasoning that you wouldn't be switching to main beam if there was still fog. But that doesn't make sense because there are other circumstances when you might want the fog lights on - eg heavy rain.

Also doesn't it mean if the fog lights come back on when you dip, it will look as if you are braking?
Sounds like a reason for separating the circuits so that you can decide for yourself when to use the lights.
Rear fog light question. - rustbucket
Cars in the 70 / 1980 had this feature, it may have been legislation then, but I had an Talbot Alpine with this.
rustbucket (the original)
Rear fog light question. - Dynamic Dave
My Mk1 Astra did the same. I *think* it's as per Rustbucket's suggestion - legislation back then.

Anyway, without hopefully turning this into another fog light discussion as per all the others, as fog lights should only be used when visibility is less than 100 metres, you don't need them on if you're able to use main beam - as per Cliff's mentioning.
Rear fog light question. - LeePower
What car is it?
Rear fog light question. - Pugugly {P}
Shouldn't use them in rain. Quite a primative (but nonetheless sensible) sytem of ensuring Fog Lights aren't left on for weeks after a wisp of condensation appears.
Rear fog light question. - jc2
The law says reduced visibility.Ford,however, have used a much more sensible system on their rear fog-lights since the eighties-called a "latching relay"You can turn the lights on or off with the switch but only when the ignition or headlights are on-turn either off and the rear foglights switch and can only be turned on again with the foglight switch.
Rear fog light question. - Petel
Hello Lee Power. Merry Christmas.
Car in question is any Fiat Classic Panda 1991 to 1995. Do not wish to get involved in debate as to rights and wrongs, just wondering why fog light switched to dip but not main beam? Legislation at the time perhaps, but again - why?

My sister was just here in her 55 plate Suzuki, fog light stays on for both dip and main beams.
Thanks and regards.
Rear fog light question. - bell boy
as i see it you cant see a damm thing in heavy rain or fog with your main beam on but can see something with dipped beam
therefore my theory and i have to say its all mine (cough cough)
its an idiot switch so the fogs only work on dipped beam for idiots (no offence OP)
Ive just remembered its just a year and a week since i sold a fiat to someone i know and they had the car one day and got 'done' for having the fog lights turned on in good visibility ,she had only just passed her test and i would have hoped the police motorcyclist that had stopped her would have erred on the side of a ticking off, but no, she got 3 points (i believe you are only allowed 6 in the first 12 months or something?).
Rear fog light question. - Petel
As stated, do not wish to get involved in debate over rights and wrongs.
Hello Oldman.
All the Fiats have a specific illuminated switch for the fog light, which is only active when the headlights are on. If your customer had the fog light on in good visibility ( unless it was a DIY add-on ) then she must have had the headlights on as well. Probably had not yet become familiar with all the switches.
Rear fog light question. - henry k
Ford,however, have used a much more sensible system on their rear fog-lights since the eighties-called a "latching relay"

Ford ,however have an illogical system re their rear fog lights ( 98 Mondeo).
I have to switch on my front fog lights before I can turn on the rear fog lights. Why oh why?
I think I will disable the front fogs as they appear to be a total waste of time.
Rear fog light question. - LeePower
Why go to the bother?

The front fogs are not doing any harm being on if you need to have the rear fogs switched on.
Rear fog light question. - Bill Payer
The front fogs are not doing any harm being on if you need to have the rear fogs switched on.

Front fogs are not about seig where you're going - their function now is the same as rear fogs - to allow the vehicle to be seen from a greater distance. OK, there's not much in it compared to headlights, but I've sat at the exit from my village onto its bypass road and in my opinion I can see front fogs marginally before I can see headlights.
Rear fog light question. - MikeTorque
The Focus II has the same set up as the Mondeo. The logic being along the lines of if fog visibility is poor then having both front and rear fogs lights on is justifiable on the grounds of safety and being seen by others. They are is vital in poor conditions, even an additional 1 second warning of an approaching vehicle can mean the difference between life and death for someone crossing a road in heavy fog or a vehicle that is about to pull out of a road or onto a roundabout, or in extreme heavy fog conditions vehicles have been know to mount pavements whilst in search of the road.

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