Vauxhall combo van - cat pot
Hello all i have just bought a cheap van for runaround and to take some pressure off my passat tdi.
It is a vauxhall combo corsa van 1995 and has mot and tax but it has a few problems,might be just me after driving my passat is seems like everything thing feels wrong!
I bought the van but have a few problems can anybody help.
The steering wheel is straight im wondering if to take off and sey up right,is that wise?
It smokes a lot when i start engine,
The bonnet cable has snapped
The accelarator pedal is high up and very heavy
The brake pedal is very low and spongey but have been told it has new pads.
Clutch is very heavy but changes gear,the bite is quite low,is that a good thing?
Also the roof is rotten on the box can these be replaced?
Please help and answers will be much appreciated.
Vauxhall combo van - stuartl
I am on my second combo van and I love them! Mine is a 99 on a v-reg.
I'll answer what questions I can.......
Smoking could be valve stem seals. Funny enough my old one with 160,000 on it didnt do but the newer one with 75,000 on does. Depends what life it's had.
Try lubrication on the throttle cable and linkages, mine is fine.
If it has just had new pads the brakes wont be A1 but that sounds a bit worrying. Having not touched the brakes on either of my vans I cant advise further, sorry!

There is a manual adjustment which is just under the battery box for the clutch. My nwerer combo was like this and is now fine. I seem to recall I had to unbolt something minor to get better access and needed to spray the linkage to free it up. Dont over adjust though or you will be effectively riding the clutch all the time and knacker it out. Think it needed 1 or 2 10mm spanners iirc.

Both my vans had rusty roof boxes. They are available secondhand, try ebay, there are a few breakers on there.

Megavaux in Nottingham are a great place for spares but they tend to keep mainly newer stuff.

Any more questions give me a shout,

Merry Christmas!
Vauxhall combo van - cat pot
Cheers stuart that is some great help you have put there cheers mate and happy christmas to you too.
Vauxhall combo van - cat pot
I have noticed with the steering there seems to be a bit of play init as well as not lined up right,its not centre.Steering seems heavy but im used to power steering and this hasnt got that!
Vauxhall combo van - bell boy
these racks do wear iternally cat pot and if the van has been on full lock and hit a kerb or something then they are prone to internal damage
there should be no free play at the wheel and as the uj is inside the van ive never seen one wear here.
the van should also basically self centre but maybe due to worn rack then the tyres are no tracked up properly and cant self centre
have you got 32 psi in the tyres?
racks are cheap but a fiddle to fit .
top boxes over the cab that rot, i gob up with glassfibre resin from the inside with masking tape on the outside to maintain the correct shape (little bit of filler to finish off) .When dry its a quick rub down, primer, then i use stone chip to dissipate the light reflections, then a good coating of satin black (they look like new when done)

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