"Busiest" day on roads - David Horn
Well, I drove from Rochdale to Devon today, managed to do it in under 4 hours, a new record and didn't drop below 80mph (GPS) on the motorway. With no trucks astonishing to see the average speeds maintained in lanes 2 and 3. Sat for a short time at 90 in lane 3 with the line of cars in front pealing off into the distance and a queue rapidly building up behind while I overtook one of the very few trucks overtaking the odd car.

Delight to drive today - we should have moved all freight to rail years ago or built separate roads. Not a single accident seen on the way down either.
"Busiest" day on roads - Anglesey Ian
With my work, had to visit Styal Prison Cheshire yesterday - from North Wales. This means the dreaded M56. Commuter traffic and freezing fog had been predicted.

Daily Mail the day before had warned that Fri 22/12 would be the busiest day of the year on the roads what with foggy airports and the rail network fully booked. Travelled through like a dream, even though my Sat Nat wanted to send me to Stockport


"Busiest" day on roads - machika
I drove up to N Yorkshire this morning and it was very busy. I returned during mid afternoon and the southbound carriageways of the A1(M), M18 and M1 were very quiet. However, the northbound carriageway of the MI was nose to tail all the way and at a complete standstill for a long stretch.
"Busiest" day on roads - Lud
Funny about motorways, isn't it? They are just like the little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead.
"Busiest" day on roads - DieselBoy
I drove from Liverpool to Hatfield and back yesterday, setting off from Liverpool at 6.00am, with the return journey starting at 1.00pm - back home with a cup of tea by 4.30pm. The roads were like a dream, apart from being particularly foggy!

Even the M6 around Brum was fine. I ignored the toll road option as the information sign stated "M6 Toll Clear" - this in my book means that the M6 proper is also okay....

"Busiest" day on roads - daveyjp
Just done a trip on the M62 from Leeds to Manchester and back. Quite busy, but average speed was much higher due to absence of wagons. Plenty were taking the opportunity to press the pedal to the metal and a number of outside lane hoggers left me thinking I was doing about 30.

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