Dartford Crossing Consultation - cockle {P}
A while back there was a thread about the proposed raising of the tolls for the Dartford crossing. The proposals are now out for consultation until 9th of March 2007 with an opportunity for you to have your say. I'm not going to go through all the arguments again right now as I think we all know the pros and cons, but just to say if you have an opinion then go and voice it!
The link to the consultation is:- tinyurl.com/ykfapt
Dartford Crossing Consultation - Dulwich Estate
Not once in my 50+ years on this planet (well for at least not the last 5 anyway!) has "consultation" as they call it had any effect on the outcome they (big brother, red ken, tony bliar etc.) want to achieve. So, despite huge apparent public objection we get an extension of the London Congestion Zone, a third runway at Heathrow (brilliant IMHO) , street parking restrictions in my neck of the woods and so on.

It's all a sham. Don't be taken in by it. They always get what they want.

SWMBO has even had enough of the viewer voting on that Sports Person thing and the popular TV dancing prog.

Don't waste your time. Spend your time doing worthwhile things like drinking, smoking and gambling.

Dartford Crossing Consultation - daveyjp
Agreed. Consultation is done to be able to tick the 'consultation' box and make us all feel we have had a say. When the results go against what is proposed don't expect a change in policy.

As an example. Our local Council has thousands of streetlights which need updating. The Council has no money to do so, so the desired solution is to install an advertising hoarding about 10ft off the ground (same size as you get on a bus shelter). The advert revenue pays for the streetlight and it's running costs. Great idea to get money, but these things look absolutely hideous and more importantly you can't read the adverts! It's acknowledged that drivers don't notice them (Notts University research to show they won't distract drivers) and I know very few pedestrians who walk looking up!

A few trials have been set up (needless to say not in the million pound house leafy suburbs of the authority area) and feedback has been sought. The final report on the consultation conveniently forgets negative comments and graphs are only shown where the answer to the question gives the result the Council want to hear. Only 9% of residents approved the plans, 15% disapproved, 69% thought the ads were worse than those on bus shelters. Only 45% had seen the ads at night (probably because the survey was carried out during June and July!).

As an example the report acknowledges there were 18 responses from a survey in our local Council News newspaper. Of these 18, 14 were opposed to the idea, but three of these were from the same address so were dismissed!

None of the conclusions and recommendations considered the negative aspects of the survey.

Needless to say we are now stuck with these things for the next 12 months as the trial was extended and no doubt they will become a permanent fixture.

The whole excercise was a waste of time and my Council Tax money.

Dartford Crossing Consultation - cockle {P}
Being a natural cynic I agree with you. I just thought that people ought to be aware that they can go and have their say if they feel so inclined

BTW there is also a little bit tucked away in the proposal that the toll will be reviewed each year in December and increased in line with inflation each April by either 5p or to the nearest 10p so this won't just be a one off increase it's going to be annual.

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