Buying at auction - jonjo29
What does auctioneer mean, (when info on windscreen states the car has no documents present) that documents have been passed on to trade. Thanks
Buying at auction - spikeyhead {p}
it meams exactly what they say, they have no documents. It doesn't matter where they are, you've got to apply for new ones and that means a long wait before you can tax the car.
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Buying at auction - smokie
Which in turn means that trade buyers won't be too interested so Mr Private Buyer might find himself with a bit of a bargain, so long as he can afford the wait...
Buying at auction - jonjo29
Thanks for your replies. they were very helpful.
Buying at auction - jc2
Can be repossessed,recovered stolen.I got a M/c once with no documents;went to the local Car Tax office,filled out a form with reg.number,chassis number and engine number ,came back with insurance certificate and Mot and got tax disc immediately,logbook followed 2/3 weeks later.

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