X Reg Mondeo - Handbrake stuck on! - leef
Hi Guys,

Got up this morning and drove to work as normal in the Mondeo, when I got out of the car at work I noticed a really bad burning smell and saw steam coming off the rear drivers side wheel, upon closer inspection I noticed that the brake disk had started to groove a little. A friend in work had a look and said my handbrake isn't fully releasing for some reason? just wondered if anyone else had ever had this problem and is it expansive to sort out :)


PS its a new shape mondeo X reg onwards and has done 46,000 miles.

Handbrake stuck on! - Xileno {P}
Lack of use, bit of dirt in there possibly. Wants dismantling and some copper grease on the relevent parts.
Handbrake stuck on! - Falkirk Bairn
Similar thing after MoT test where they had forced the handbrake further than normal.

Took about 30 mins to dismantle and re-assemble - piston need persuasion to go back in.
Handbrake stuck on! - cheddar
The hand brake cables can apparently stick so it is worth ensuring free movement however it is more likely to be the caliper.

Mine had a new caliper under warranty and later the calipers were both re-built under warranty, the latter cured it, the problem was that the calipers are in two halves which move in relation to one another when the brakes are applied and as the pads wear, the sliders can stick, I reckon the calipers are a bit short on silicone grease when new.

You can buy from a Ford dealer a recon kit for about £20 that does both rear calipers, contains new sliders, silicone grease etc, fairly easy job, otherwise you can you use Coppaslip, carefully slide back the rubber covers that protect the sliders and apply some Coppaslip, you need to do some dismantling though so you can move the sliders in and out to ensure free movement. It is also worth lubing the handbrake actuation arm pivot on the back of each caliper with WD40 - DONT GET IT ON THE PADS OR DISCS - though.

Handbrake stuck on! - L'escargot
Is perhaps the handbrake adjusted such that there is too little movement of the lever and that this results in too little free play in the mechanism when the lever is released? I like to be able to move the lever 5 notches without using undue force so as to ensure that it will fully release the brake in the off position.

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