Golf MK4 Air Bag Reset - Peter D
My son has triggered the air bag light after moving the seat right back and it pulled the connector apart. Is there a simple method of resetting the light as it clearly is not a 'real' fault. Regards Peter
Golf MK4 Air Bag Reset - LeePower
Needs to be turned off with a scanner, friendly garage / auto electrician with correct kit will be the best bet.
Golf MK4 Air Bag Reset - adverse camber
I've also read that it will go off itself after 50 drive cycles.

I never had the patience to wait. Find someone with VAG-COM or ask whoever services it.
Golf MK4 Air Bag Reset - bell boy
im with lee...........figaretively speaking................ducky............ ;-)
Golf MK4 Air Bag Reset - AR-CoolC
It's best to get it sorted asap Peter, as whist the light is lit, the airbag system is switched off.


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