Finding a good BMW deal? - DaveA
I've tried resisting because I know what people tend to think about the drivers. I even agree myself. But I can't put off the inevitable, so...

Given I want a 320SE petrol saloon, what's the best way of not paying list price? Do I approach brokers? Ones linked from this site do £1500 discount at best. Is that the best I should expect? Would pre-registered be the way to go? If so, how do I find them? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. When it comes to buying cars I'm a newbie. Used to be company cars and my current car (first I've ever owned) came from Trade Sales in Slough - bargaining for a deal wasn't apparantly allowed!

Finding a good BMW deal? - Mad Maxy
I got £4K+ off a new 320d M Sport Touring from a main dealer. I just waved a Drivethedeal quote under his nose. Matched DTD no bother. That was three weeks or so ago.
Finding a good BMW deal? - cheddar
In December Which they say they got a £26,500 320d SE for £23,190, doesnt mention the broker though from what I can see.
Finding a good BMW deal? - Collos25
This any good.

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