Growing on me..... - PhilW
Way to work this morning, was overtaken by "Bangle" BMs 3, 5, and 1 series, and I now reckon that they look good. Couple of years ago thought they were awful. Also overtaken by a "new" Honda Civic which, when they were introduced looked good to me, now look awful to me - do your tastes change over time?? Do we get used to "radical changes" and grow to like them? Are car designers ahead of us (well, me anyway!!) ordinary blokes in terms of taste and design?
Still reckon original Cit C5 looks awful though, and never liked the Sierra!
Growing on me..... - Pugugly {P}
the new 5 is nowhere as pretty as the old shape, but in my opinion you couldn't improve on that anyway......Its a car that strangely moves one in any colour especially white, in years to come it will be appreciated.
Growing on me..... - Pugugly {P}
pooh - meant to say "even in white"
Growing on me..... - mal
A Honda Civic man myself for the last 12 years, loved the shape of all of them but I do not think the latest will ever grow on me, maybe something to do with the use of triangles in the design.
Growing on me..... - tyro
Still don't love for appearance of the new Civic, but I confess that my view of it has mellowed a little.

Megane hatch, BMW 5-series, new Peugeot front end have not grown on me at all.

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