Suzuki Wagon R 1.3 info please. - Pete
As my previous thread on this question seems to have died and the only replies (though welcome) refered to other vehicles, I would wish to ask again,

Could any owners or persons familiar with the vehicle (perhaps in the trade) offer any hints or tips as to what the owner should look out for with a new Wagon R ?

Any forewarnings of possible maintenance, build or running problems would be much appreciated. I am aware of the recalls on earlier models from details on HJs website.

Can anyone please advise the cam belt change interval ?

Thank you.
Re: Suzuki Wagon R 1.3 info please. - Honest John
I thought these had timing chains, not timing belts. At least, that's what I found when I took the oil cap off one to make sure.

Re: Suzuki Wagon R 1.3 info please. - Pete
Thanks for your response HJ. Yes, I was under that impression too but the sales brochure clearly shows a cam belt in a cut-away of the engine. My attempts to confirm this with the dealer met with the usual "dunno" response.
Perhaps someone out there can offer some clarification on this point.
How about it folks ?
Re: Suzuki Wagon R 1.3 info please. - Honest John
Maybe the 1.3 has a belt. The 1.0 and 1.2 have chains.

Re: Suzuki Wagon R 1.3 info please. - Pete
This could well be the case. How about it folks ?
Re: Suzuki Wagon R 1.3 info please. - spud
Hi again Pete,
I've had a good trawel on the net and found a link which may answer your
If you go to the following link you'll find a list of engines and the
recommended time belt changing times.

It says for the suzuki 1.3 DOHC the timing belt should be changed
every 60,000 miles.

This just may be old info though. The wagon R may have an updated
version of this engine though but I wouldn't have thought so.
Re: Suzuki Wagon R 1.3 info please. - Colin
The first model Suzuki Wagon R to appear in the UK was built in Japan and fitted with either the 996cc K10A or 1171cc K12A engines. Both had chain driven double overhead camshafts operating 16 valves.

The current model Suzuki Wagon R is built in Hungary and is fitted with the earlier design 1298cc G13BB engine. This has a belt driven single overhead camshaft operating 16 valves. The G**B series of engines ( 1300 / 1600 ) have also appeared in the Vitara and Baleno and are currently used in the Supercarry Van, Grand Vitara 1600 and the Jimny Softtop built in Spain.

I have had ownership experience of both versions of the Suzuki Wagon R. Whilst the later version is generally a nicer vehicle, the G13BB engine is, in my view, not an improvement. I found it much less refined than the K12A engine and it used substantially more fuel.

The only in-service problems I experienced were with the K12A engine which developed a rattle and required a new hydraulic timing chain tensioner which was fitted under warranty.
Re: Suzuki Wagon R 1.3 info please. - Pete
Thank you to HJ, Spud and Colin for the input. Much appreciated.
Rgds. Pete.

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