She's gonna regret it.... - Nsar
I was behind a Focus yesterday which had a plate which amazed me.

In the space on the left where you often see GB or the EC stars there was the female symbol you see on toilet doors and underneath the word "bird".

Bit odd, but weirder still was that behind the numbers and letters was the Smirnoff Ice logo.

It's not a great image is it.

She's gonna regret it.... - BazzaBear {P}
It's bizarre what some people think is cool, isn't it? The one I see and puzzle over frequently is the playboy bunny. What image do women think it puts out? Hi, I'm a bit loose?
She's gonna regret it.... - sierraman
A bit of an old fashioned rake I would think.As for the boozy bird,I wonder if the police would be more inclined to pull her over and see if if she is still under the influence of the previous night's imbibance.
She's gonna regret it.... - jc2
We had someone at work with the plates"AMP 15T";he was always getting stopped-I wonder why?
She's gonna regret it.... - Armitage Shanks {p}
I am constantly amazed at the low self-image some people must have and/or what they are trying to tell us about themselves. I saw a lady out the other day in a T shirt with the wording "If I was a man I would **** me" Say no More!
She's gonna regret it.... - Robbie
Terrible, it should have been "If I WERE a man.... ;)
She's gonna regret it.... - Kevin
>I saw a lady out the other day..

That Sir, was no lady.

She's gonna regret it.... - Mad Maxy
Best T-shirt I saw was one on a girl reading 'This T-shirt's in Braille. Please read me gently'. Accompanied by suitable Braille-looking stuff, of course.
She's gonna regret it.... - Dynamic Dave
And now back to motoring please. DD.
She's gonna regret it.... - yorkiebar
are road maps abvailable in braille too?

best motoring link I could get to !
She's gonna regret it.... - Bagpuss
are road maps abvailable in braille too?
best motoring link I could get to !

I don't know if road maps are available in braille, but here in Orlando there is a drive through cash machine where there are instructions in braille. By the way, the machine is positioned so it can only be used by car drivers. A lot of the coffin dodgers here drive like they were blind but the idea of braille writing on an ATM for drivers tickled me.
She's gonna regret it.... - jc2
You can be registered blind in the UK and still be allowed to drive.

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