speed camera detector - daf
Is a GPS speed camera detector worth having? I've seen the Inforad GPS detector advertised for ~£90 but am not sure if it's worth having. Do you need radar detection to be useful? Anybody got any experience of Inforad? If so is it easy to use?
speed camera detector - Ravenger
I've got a Tom Tom One with a GPS speed camera database installed, and I find it very useful, especially when driving in areas I don't know.

I'm not a fast driver, but sometimes speed limits can be unclear, so it's reassuring that not only does it warn me of static and mobile camera sites, but also tells me the speed limit for that location so I can make sure I'm keeping to the limits for that area.

Of course a GPS speed camera detector is only as good as the data that's on it, so you have to keep it up to date.
speed camera detector - Dynamic Dave
I've seen the Inforad GPS detector advertised for ~£90

That must be for the new Inforad (the V3). Try looking in Currys.digital and see if they still have previous model (the V1). Last time I looked, they were being sold for £29.99 and for all intense purposes the only difference between the V3 & the V1 is the cosmetic appearance.
speed camera detector - archcarman
Road Angel 6000 is good value, and gives either camera detection (via GPS) or Satnav and camera detection.
Find it very useful when in strange areas and gives realistic routes when used for navigation.
speed camera detector - storme
i have an inforad for £30.. it hasnt failed me yet..picking on all fixed cameras
and i have the option of hilighting where all my known mobile ones are,,,
u know the score,, always on the same roads in your local area...then one day u 4get,,,and my little inforad is there to remind me :)
sometimes a little bit too much opinion....but its only because i care !!!
speed camera detector - pyruse
I picked up a nearly new Inforad for £20 off e-bay. Works fine. I certainly wouldn't pay full price for one.

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