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Hello everyone, I bought a P plate 1.4CL Polo from a local trader. The car has got full service history and its done 73k miles. Its very clean inside out so it suggests the car has been looked after very well. Even though the car was serviced by VW at 64k miles they never changed the timing belt on it. I just want to know why and when it should had been changed? Also car has got light creamy coloured stuff on the oil filler cap. I cleaned it and after starting up the car for few minutes it comes back on. Trader said to me its due to "condensation" and its definitely not an indication of head gasket problem! Shall I fully service the car? I won't be taking it to VW for servicing and I'll be doing the job myself!
Just bought a Polo - Xileno {P}
If this is the original cambelt, then it needs changing. IIRC VAG have reduced their cambelt changes.
The 'mayonnaise' is possibly due to the car having been moved around a few times on the car forecourt. It could be a sign of head gasket trouble. Take the car for a good drive, get the engine hot. See if it disappears after a week or so.

Watch for rust on these, front and rear valences, bottoms of doors all vulnerable. Otherwise quite good small cars.
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The salad dressing in the oil is because the previous little old lady owner only used the car to go to Asda/Morrisons/Tesco, and to take Doreen and Mavis to Bingo. Take it for a journey of 30 miles or more, change the oil, and try not to use it on journeys of less than 10 miles too often.
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My sister had this with her 2002 Fiesta. Told her to stop using the car for small distances, go the long way (or walk!) to work etc and the problem vanished.

Make sure crankcase breather hoses etc are unblocked too.
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yes look for holes while underneath and look at the compensating valve on the back axle as these seize and may not have been picked up by mot man
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Small amounts of this on filler cap (and underside of cam cover etc) actually mean the oil is working correctly and trapping the water it has found.

if its a head gasket fault it will make all the oil look like mayo, not just isolated bits. Check dipstick etc.

best way to cure, as others have said is fresh oil, (get old stuff hot 1st and allow to cool until warm before draining) then dont use car on short trips.

Just bought a Polo - LinuxGeek
Well car hasn't got any stone chips on the bonnet or front bumper so I guess it has hardly seen motorway. Looking at the service book it looks like car has lived all its life either in Edinburgh or in Newcastle and was owned by ladies! I've bought it for my wife but I'll change the oil and oil filter this weekend and then would drive it up and down on motorway for good an hour or so and hopefully the mayonnaise would disappear. Any particular oil I should use in it? How about GTX Magnet 15w/40?
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Before I get attacked for oil recomendation again.

Moderate climate use for this car / mileage is 15/40. use good quality, castrol obviously is !

Others may (will ) disagree and suggest 10/40. Personally 15/40 will be better imo.
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once again yorkiebar i agree 15/40
I wonder if someone is at this moment putting together a 300 word essay care of google to say the not recommended oil in this engine is10/40 ;-O
Over and out from the garage floor till next time

Oh -just about to put a rear wheel cylinder on the back of a mk4 fiesta and have commited the cardinal sin
ive 'TAKEN THE DRUM OFF' chaps........................
Just bought a Polo - yorkiebar
But you should undo the 4 bolts at the back ;-)

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