Cavalier SRi Ecotec difficult starting - bk.bas
I have a 94 model 2L Sri with Ecotec engine, 86K miles, FVSH, that has been standing around for a few months. It is now very difficult to start mainly when cold (eg if left overnight) Turns over OK, eventually catches and immediately dies. Crank it some more, catches, misses, dies splutters etc (sounds like fuel problem?). Eventually it will catch and splutter into life, after which it runs, but I have to keep my foot on the accelerator for the first minute or so or it stalls again (would ICVS cause difficult starting. I have had idling problems with it in the past and have cleaned it out, does it need this again, or is ICVS not related to bad starting). It is also throwing up an engine management light, which the blink test indicates is crank sensor (code 19 Simtec), but this was changed at the last full service (6K miles but 2 years ago)...Not sure relationship of crank sensor to this problem, as if was faulty I assume car would not start at all, or does turning it over several times give ECU enough information to start? It was running fine before it was left standing about. Urgent help appreciated as have long drive ahead
Cavalier SRi Ecotec difficult starting - SpamCan61 {P}
Reading the first half of your messag ethen my first thought was crank sensor; but even Vx ones should last mor ethan 6K miles. Might just be worth checking that the crank sensor hasn't worked slightly loose - i ahd this happen on an omega 2 litre and it gave me all sorts of intermittant starting problems.

I've never known ICVS to cause poor starting, but others have more experiance than me.

Cavalier SRi Ecotec difficult starting - bk.bas
Any idea how I can get to it easily on the Sri (I believe it's on the front of the engine near the water pump) it accesible to check easily. Anyone know of any tips to check?
Cavalier SRi Ecotec difficult starting - SpamCan61 {P}
Trouble is I've only had Ecotecs in Omegas, which have the engine mounted 90 degrees different to the Cavaliers :-/

Anyways, the crank sensor should be at the cambelt end of the engine, at the bottom forwardsof the sump, I think this will be the side nearest the front of the car on a cavalier.
Cavalier SRi Ecotec difficult starting - Victorbox
Just my 5 pence worth, but if it has been standing for several months has it had any fresh petrol put in it now as unleaded seems to go stale in a very short space of time compared to good old 4 star leaded?
Cavalier SRi Ecotec difficult starting - sine
I would also check the coolant temp sensor as a fault with this may cause poor cold running if the sensor believes the engine is hot.
If it does seem like lack of fuel you could try pumping the accelerator while starting and when running so as to inject extra fuel.

If you have your foot on the accelerator and it still doesn't start then its probably not related to the ICV.

Was the engine running when you got the crank sensor error? It may automatically flag a crank angle sensor when the engine is not running becuase the sensor is not giving an output. The fault code may also be old having occured when the last sensor failed.
Cavalier SRi Ecotec difficult starting - bk.bas
trouble is I can't read the Simtec with the engine running. It goes through the blink sequence no problem with the ignition on, buyt as soon as you fire it up the ECU light just comes hard on. I've raisesd this before as Topbuzz definately says that you should read it with engine running, and I definately can't...or am I doing something wrong?


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